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Friday 18th of June 2004 12:53:10 AM
opa Sakartvelo: Hello friends, future penpals and everyone interested in Georgia,

I'm currently writing my thesis on tourism development in Georgia - for this purpose I have visted this small, and not very popular country and fell immediately in love with it! Now I'm searching for soul mates who share my enthusiasm to talk about Georgian contemporary developments, language, arts and so on. I'd be very pleased about all comments and contributions :)

Wednesday 01st of September 2004 04:42:27 AM
Do you speak some georgian ?: I'm looking for a chat mate to learn some. I know some basic phrases and needs urgent improvement, cause I'm going to georgia in a week from now !

Sunday 26th of September 2004 12:05:16 AM
oops itakatz, sorry! I was not in this forum for approximately 2 months so that's why I didn't reply to your message *sorry*

However, you should let us know how Georgia was for you ... and the useful words you learned ;)

Saturday 05th of February 2005 03:55:42 AM
Learning Georgian: Hello all !!

Im interested in Georgian language and Culture, im newbie on it, and i need some basic lessons.i have a little book with some phrases that iŽll share with pleasure.

Friday 11th of February 2005 06:06:33 PM
I am interested to learn georgian. I sthre anybody who is well in georgian and could teach me?

Saturday 19th of February 2005 08:56:26 PM
hey guys . . . I have a sweet Georgian text I could share . . .

Monday 04th of April 2005 01:41:16 AM
'immersion': just arrived in Tbilisi, with a phrasebook in hand: 'Survival Georgian' by Patricia Hall and Tatyana Bukia. I'll let you know how well it works!

Tuesday 17th of May 2005 08:01:59 AM
tbilisi: Hi Laurie,
I am in Seattle, and coming to Tbilisi next week with my son, adopted from there many years ago.
I am interested in moving to Georgia in the next few years.
Can you tell me more about how you were able to move there?

Wednesday 24th of August 2005 12:34:52 PM
I only know a few sectences of this language.
And I really want to learn it.

Sunday 11th of September 2005 09:07:37 AM
There's a Georgian textbook in pdf (35mb) at

Thursday 12th of January 2006 04:36:42 AM
Georgia: Hello everybody, I am Georgian and I would be happy to help you in any kind of problem concerning Georgian and Georgia. if couldn't answer in the forum by the time don't hesitate to email me :).

Monday 07th of July 2008 12:08:59 PM
Hello! I d really need a help in studying Georgian. Can somebody help a bit and give useful links?

Tuesday 26th of May 2009 04:17:35 AM
hello: i am turkish and georgian girl but i dont know georgian i just want to learn for to be real georgian if somebody help me i ll be happy

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