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Saturday 25th of June 2005 11:32:19 PM
Grico: Unkown to many non-greeks, there is a form of greek language spoken in a handfull of villages in southern Italy where the area is also known as Magna Grecia, Megali Hellada or Big Hellas.

Southern Italy was the place were many greeks settled in ancient times. Only a few of their ancestors managed to keep their language by living in remote and isolated villages. Those people only spoke Grico until the Mussolini era. Some say that they even didn't know what language they were speaking because of their extreme isolation and lack of contact with Greece for centuries. After the fascist era they were forced to give up their language and nowadays only the older people speak the Grico. Nevertheless interest for Grico among younger people has risen again and a lot of Grico youngsters (now fully incorporated into the Italian society) try to learn their ancient language and even form bands to sing their local Grico songs. Grico is nowadays taught in primary schools in the greek speaking villages of Calabria and there is also a university department in Calabria for Grico. Interest for Grico in Greece has also become important and a lot of Greeks add the greek speaking villages of Calabria to their vacation program in Italy and a lot of documentaries, programs and reports about the Grico and the greek speaking people of southern Italy have been produced on greek television and press.

This is a thread to discuss about the Grico language and why not, find some people who speak Grico and can teach the rest of us or teach modern Greek to speakers of Grico.

There are also very few people on Corsica who are ancestors of Greeks and do not speak their greek language any more. I've seen in some documentaries that people who are 50 or 60 years old nowadays only remember their grand parents speaking in the greek dialect of Corsica which has now been lost almost completely. If there are any people from greek speaking Corsica here then it would be interesting to see their witnesses too!

Friday 15th of July 2005 09:04:43 AM
wow thats amazing...never knew of that..will do some more reading about it on the internet, maybe i'll ask one of my italian friends if they have heard about it..will keep you updated with anything interesting i discover in my quest! c ya

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