Greek Translation Of A Greek Song (eleni Tsaligopoulou's) Στα Σύννεφα (sta Sinefa)

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Wednesday 17th of August 2005 01:44:45 AM
Translation of a greek song (Eleni Tsaligopoulou's): Hi there..
I listen to this song since some time now, i like it a lot but unfortunately i don't know even a bit of greek .

The singer is Eleni Tsaligopoulou..she has this wonderful voice..and the song's title , i managed to find , it is
Στα Σύννεφα (Sta Sinefa) and it is on the album called "5 Tragoudia Gia Ena Kalokairi"..

I really hope there is anyone that knows the song and also has the patience to write the translation of the lyrics in english.. I would be so much grateful :)

I tried to find on Google , i like many songs of her but no trace of lyrics!

I'll be waiting....

Thank you very much,

Wednesday 17th of August 2005 07:44:14 AM
Στα σύννεφα [In The Clouds] Lyrics: Hi Maria..I Like Eleni Tsaligopoulou as well..

here is the song lyrics..

Ki an Xatheis, ki an Xathw
And if you are lost, I am lost too

Ki an ksexasteis, ki an ksexastw
And If You are forgotten, I am forgotten too

Eisai edw, kai eimai edw
You are here, I am here too

Eisai edw ya mena
You are here for me

ki eimai edw ya sena
And I Am Here For You

Eisai esi ya mena
Are You For Me

kai eimai ego ya sena
And Am I For You

S'agapo ki oneirevomai mazi sou pos petou psila sta sinefa

I Love U And I Dream That I Fly With U High In The clouds

Mi milas, mi me ponas
Do not speak, you do not hurt me

Eisai edw, tora eisai edw
You are here, now you are here

Ki Eimai edo, Tora Eimai Edw
I'm here too, Now I'm here

Eisai Edw ya mena ......
You Are Here For Me ....

*na sai kala*

Wednesday 17th of August 2005 12:54:49 PM
Thanks a lot for answering! wasn't expecting to get it so soon !
I appreciate a lot writing also the greek words and not using the alphabet :)
Have a great day!

Friday 26th of August 2005 04:29:13 PM
Ah, but now listen to it reading the αλφαβετα: Κι αν χαθείς
Κι αν χαθώ

Κι αν ξεχαστείς
Κι αν ξεχαστώ

Είσαι εδώ και είμαι εδώ

Είσαι εδώ για μένα
Κι είμαι εδώ για σένα
Είσαι εσύ για μένα
Και είμαι εγώ για σένα

Σ αγαπώ κι ονειρεύομαι
Μαζί σου πως πετώ ψηλά
Στα σύννεφα

Μη μιλάς
Μη με πονάς

Είσαι εδώ, τώρα είσαι εδώ
Κι είμαι εδώ, τώρα είμαι εδώ

Είσαι εδώ για μένα
Κι είμαι εδώ για σένα
Μόνο εσύ για μένα
Μόνο εγώ για σένα

This is the link to a site called Stixoi means lyrics in Greek. That link shows the lyrics in Greek to all of her songs. The alphabet is a little different, but if you follow the song, the letters will be easier to read. Its amazing actually.

Try and let me know if you like it. I personally love Greek music and being American, it has really provided me a great love and respect for the Greek's language and alphabet.

Have a great day

Wednesday 31st of August 2005 12:51:35 AM
Yes, it is a very good link :)
Because i had another song that i liked, Den To Axizeis but i didn't feel like abusing people's kindness here.
So I asked people how they say "lyrics" in greek so i can find on net but i didn't succeed .. and here they are.......Well i had to decode the characters from greek to latin alphabet which wasn't quite easy but in the end i could sing along :)
So thank you!

Wednesday 14th of September 2005 05:24:58 AM
Song lyrics: Oh thank you so much for this link ! I found lyrics from Anthonis Remos songs I was looking for !

Efharisto poli !!!


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