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Looking for a Hindi Learning Partner - I'm looking to learn hindi via chat, e-mail, or even voice .. whatever works for you.,gupta_p25th Aug 2004
HINDI or GUJARATI - ksg555_9221st Dec 2004
How to Speak - Start Here to LearnAnya23rd Dec 2004
Vocabulary - Common PhrasesAnya2nd Feb 2005
Someone here like Hindi Movie? - we will enjoy learning hindi from moviechajang15th Apr 2005
Suggestion - pretorious4th May 2005
i want to learn hindi - any hindi lessons given?cecilio9th May 2005
There seem to be lots of people learning Hindi but no-one teaching it... - request for help!absyc20th May 2005
Bazaar - Market - Conversation in a Marketpretorious28th May 2005
Help with a few words/phrases - Tabinan10th Jul 2005
hi - where to download hindi fontsaeb344513th Jul 2005
will someone help me thank u! - could you help me with some words?sarz1st Aug 2005
Help in learning Hindi - I am in desperate need of learning Hindi. I am trying to do a documentary of languages for a school project. The only languRed_Sing_A_Lot5th Aug 2005
Translation of hindi song lyrics Kitne Ajeeb - maria111th Aug 2005
for fans of bollywood - abelklein18th Aug 2005
I'd like to learn to speak Hindi - Zaith3rd Sep 2005
Conversation in Hindi - start a conversation hereNeila16th Sep 2005
we may put new usefull hindi vecab.. - hello evryonemahdy5th Oct 2005
and we may put the hindi songs lyrics and translation - if anyone kone to hindi songsmahdy7th Oct 2005
if anyone know conversational hindi to tell the table - if anyone know conversational hindimahdy7th Oct 2005
Learning Hindi - Can someone help...inderasuccess4th Nov 2005
i want to know the Dhoom's mean - how can anyone to tell memahdy9th Nov 2005
Life on this discuss? - hey is everyone sleeping?limbo8130th Nov 2005
Hindi learning team? - Former_Member2nd Dec 2005
Translate Please - Can someone fluent in Hindi translate this message?usagypsychic5th Dec 2005
Word linking! - A new Hindi vocab game..alowyn6th Dec 2005
numbers!!!!!!!! - here is the hindi number tableyoonbestfriend6th Dec 2005
last letter - game!!!!!!!!yoonbestfriend10th Dec 2005
Indic Online Resources - Online Resources for Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujaratiusagypsychic16th Dec 2005
Namaskar - nobody teach hindi vocabularymahdy17th Dec 2005
PLEASE, I NEED AN HINDI TUTOR - Robles29th Dec 2005
Can someone translate this for me please - translationdal_puri3rd Jan 2006
Can you tell me how to get - how to get poficient in Hindi?monkeypipette5th Jan 2006
simple words! - help us make a child feel more welcometulip26th Jan 2006
A different aproach... - lol31st Jan 2006
words by topic - pls only post words, or send pm for corrections!lol4th Feb 2006
how can anyone tell me ???? - what's the deffirence between millgaya and mill hegaya and mill hogayamahdy19th Feb 2006
How can anyone help me - How can anyone help me to translate and make sentencemahdy19th Feb 2006
DEVANAGARI GAME!!! - देवनागरी खेल/ check page b4 last post :)lol21st Feb 2006
Want to Learn Hindi? - About HindiNikitazonas28th Feb 2006
Hindi - Phrases - Nikitazonas7th Mar 2006
pehchana - mahdy7th Mar 2006
mAhI ve - svenno26th Mar 2006
i must do it - i must do itmahdy28th Mar 2006
Dekho!! - Dekho yeh kya hain!! ImportantNikitazonas1st Apr 2006
the Secrets of Hindi words - mahdy4th Apr 2006
Study Notes - For those who lack satisfactory Hindi resourcesalowyn14th Apr 2006
hindi help !! - if u have some doubts , i have solution !a_seacactus24th Apr 2006
Hindi verbs - helpFormer_Member3rd May 2006
interested in starting them again? - lol10th Jun 2006
Hindi main - Nikitazonas23rd Jun 2006
Hindi emails - Nikhilkizvas28th Jun 2006
How can anyone know that sit to register - about http://www.desitorrents.commahdy5th Jul 2006
I need to learn Hindi please! - I will help improve your English if you can help me learn Hindi!pink_reload17th Jul 2006
How similar is Hindi to Nepali? - Amhailte19th Jul 2006
Postpositions & oblique case - Let\'s practise!Yoak26th Jul 2006
Devanagari font - - how to use it in this discuss - and more: sending Hindi emails, Devnagari search engine...Yoak28th Jul 2006
Can someone tell me? - a place to ask about the pronunciation of words in hindigaby2430th Jul 2006
Hi every body - jubran57th Aug 2006
Aap Hindi Kyun Sikhna Chahtey hain? - Nikhilkizvas25th Sep 2006
How can anyone to tell me free download Hindi lessonsMP3 - How can anyone to tell me free download Hindi lessons MP3mahdy13th Oct 2006
Hindi Music - www.raaga.commahdy31st Oct 2006
hindi - translatemangomano1st Nov 2006
translation, pls help - Hindi to English translationAna_Drobot18th Nov 2006
hindi to english - translationmangomano23rd Nov 2006
merry christmas - nagarimangomano22nd Dec 2006
Tenses - Nikhilkizvas27th Dec 2006
Game : Rewrite in correct form - Nikhilkizvas27th Dec 2006
Samabandhvachak - (Relative Pronoun)Nikhilkizvas30th Dec 2006
Game : Fill in the blank with a proper conjunction - Nikhilkizvas30th Dec 2006
First lesson of \"A door into Hindi\" - TranslationHispanish28th Jan 2007
Game: Vocabs - Some difficult and tricky vobs : Find a meaningNikhilkizvas3rd Feb 2007
Translation Please - Translation from Hindi to EnglishAshley8212th Feb 2007
New Game !!! - Speak in hindi !!!Jeieit15th Feb 2007
Hindi wordlist - jjmongel20th Feb 2007
Grammar lessons !!! - Grammar made easy !!!Jeieit22nd Feb 2007
When To Use Mujhko and Apko - Anonymous13th Mar 2007
Easy Hindi online dictionary !! - PB edition !!!Jeieit14th Mar 2007
Grammer game !!!! - Face Grammer with Smile !!!Jeieit14th Mar 2007
Day and Night !!! - Brand new game with fun !!!Jeieit14th Mar 2007
Can you help clarify some sounds? - robotdog20th Mar 2007
two versions of namaste - robotdog31st Mar 2007
Translation? - travelingeric7th Apr 2007
Game : Find one word - Nikhilkizvas8th Apr 2007
Hindi Movies - Have you seen them? Do you like them? Which is your favorite?alexandria87918th Apr 2007
hindi alphabets - can anyone please post in the hindi alphabets3isha22nd Apr 2007
Translation - Anyone can help me translate this sentence into Hindi?sofilos21st May 2007
Can someone tell me how to write, \"This is hard\"? - Tram28th Jul 2007
New Game!! - a fun interesting way to learn hindiKaren_Think_Tank7th Oct 2007
Anyone in this discuss? - Robles24th Oct 2007
Hindi Movie Translation Thread - Anonymous14th Nov 2007
Translation - Are we there yet? - Seeker8th Jan 2008
A couple of phrases - help me plsprevodach30th Jan 2008
Intoduce Yourself - Dominick_Korshanyenko20th Feb 2008
just one word... - MillerA858th Jul 2008
Learning to Write and Speak Hindi - To practive my Hindi an meet people who speak HindiSinji17th Nov 2008
Translating - Kahan Se Milte Hain - Quick Questionserenity78630th Jan 2009
HINDI HELP FOR YOU - Ask questions and get help heresap02332nd Feb 2009
Sentance Translation - serenity78628th Feb 2009
"Muhboli Behen" in English... - Bhai3rd Jun 2009
learn sinhala - want to learn sinhalamkvastava14th Nov 2009
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