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Monday 06th of March 2006 10:35:31 AM
Ethiopia: My best friend's family is adopting a little boy from Ethiopiaorphaned due to AIDS in his familyand I would like to know if anybody knows anything (ANYTHING) about the country. I'm interested in learning to speak Amharic (one of the languages in Ethiopiathe little boy speaks limited English), so if you know any programmes that could help, any flashcards, or an offer to teach, that would be great!

Anyway, I went to an Ethiopian restaurant, and it was awesome! In Ethiopia, families all eat together out of one big bowl, sharing the food and eating with their fingers! They use spongey-bread to lay a little piece over a pinch-size bit of food, squeeze the food between their fingers under the bread, and eat it. If Americans did that, we wouldn't be a country in such lacking of family values and TLC.

The clothing is really cool too! Especially the truly hand-made clothing. When my best friend's dad comes home from Ethiopia after picking up little Yonas (the little boy) and brings back the clothing he promised, me and my best friend are both going to break school dress code just to wear them! They're so beautiful!! Not like that trashy stuff teenagers are into today (I would know, I am a teenager), but elegant and revealing in its own way of inner beauty. I swear, I could go on and on about the clothing!

Ethiopians are traditional and just a lovely bunch of people! I love the music, the clothing, the food, the language (though I can't speak a word of it!), and the people! If you want to discuss, feel free to join in! :)

Ethiopian sites you might be interested in:



Monday 06th of March 2006 12:28:01 PM
[url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/1070000/audio/_1072164_ethiopia.ram]Ethiopia's national anthem
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amharic]A brief introduction to Amharic language
[url=http://www.sprachprofi.de.vu/english/amh.htm]Some phrases and the alphabet
[url=http://www.amharicdictionary.com/]Amharic-English dictionary
If you want to listen to the language, you can hear [url=http://globalrecordings.net/language/1]Gospel recordings, [url=http://www.voanews.com/horn/amharic_audio.cfm]news at The Voice of America, at [url=http://www2.dw-world.de/amharic/]Die Deutsche Welle [from Germany], or programms at [url=http://www.radiofana.com/]Radio Fana. It is supposed that Radio Ethiopia is [url=http://www.angelfire.com/biz/radioethiopia/]here, but I could not open the site.
Maybe you need to download the font to be able to read sites containing it. I installed [url=http://www.geezsoft.com/]this one when looking for information about Tigrinya language, but it seems it works pretty well when opening sites in Amharic.
And [url=http://www.africanlanguage.com/]here, a non-free software to lear the language. I know... but it's difficult to find free resourses for these languages :(

Hey, will you share with us some pics of the clothing? lol Even if my girlfriend thinks my sense of fashion is dead, I'd like to see those.

Tuesday 07th of March 2006 04:18:51 AM
Thank you so much! I loooove you!! I've been looking everywhere, and can only find lists of random words that I can't pronounce...and what good is it if I know it, but can speak it to a four-to-six-year-old boy who probably can't write/read all that much??

Anyway, thanks so much! And for the anthem and other resources as well, this is a big help for all of us!

When we get the clothing, I'll be sure to post pictures! But it won't be until the summer probably, the adoption process is very slow (especially for Americans unfortunately). You are AWESOME! I'm going to show this to the boy's future big sister (my best friend)!!

Wednesday 08th of March 2006 08:35:30 AM
lol you are welcome :)
Good luck with learning something for the little kid. I'm looking forward to see those pics... lol you were so enthusiastic describing the clothing!

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