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Sunday 28th of November 2004 04:53:05 AM
Here are some useful links to many webpages that are teaching for free. Moste of them are teaching grammar but some of them have phonetic translations and even sound files.

Here is a page including alot of grammar information and more.

Verbs and conjugation (There are some 280.000-290.000 speakers in Iceland, not what they claim on that page but it's a good page serving it's purpose).

When you use this webpage, be sure you're NOT viewing a page teaching the old Icelandic (old Norse) because they offer both modern and old...

An Idio's Guide to Icelandic (they are only teaching the easiest way of learning the grammar, not the perfect one).

I've not read much on this page but I hope it helps you in some way...

This is a collection of files and it's not very organized but if you look with patience, you will find something to help you with Icelandic (even sound files).

Here you can see how Icelandic is pronounced phonetically in English.

    Anything else.

This is just an article about Icelandic if you're interested but it doesn't teach anything...

Here is a page that you can use to try to find the right spelled word in any language. For example, if you're not sure which of these two words is correct: beautyfull or beutyfull you tipe them both in and then you have to trust that the word that gets more results is most likely the correct one. You can use google for the same purpose if you use the right method...


Are you Swedish or do you speak Swedish? Then check this out...

Iceland in trillion languages.

Facts about inflected languages.

    Here are some pages written in Icelandic (so they don't help much, but here they are anyway).

Icelandic as a foreign language.

Advertisement about Icelandic spelling.

Wikipetia - Íslenska.

A word bank.

If you know about more webpages that can help people (for free), please tell us about them!

Monday 29th of November 2004 08:13:43 AM
ask for help: What does "Pres.I." refer to? Present what?
and also "Pres.S."?

I tried Mimir and it's a fairly helpful website. Takk, Gummi^-^.

Wednesday 08th of December 2004 05:35:53 AM
Where did you find the words "pres.I." and "pres.S."? Maybe I know what it is if you tell me the webpage...

Friday 04th of February 2005 10:12:12 AM

Cannot forget the University of Iceland’s Free Course in Modern Icelandic Language and Culture!

Saturday 05th of February 2005 07:03:37 AM

Yes, of course! Thanks Peter!

Wednesday 09th of February 2005 03:18:58 PM
Takk Gummi!: I just came accross them in Minir's reference book.

Monday 04th of April 2005 02:09:52 PM
Hć, čg heiti Ashlee :P

I started on the University of Iceland's course. It's fun and easy, which makes me think I need a good solid grammar book :P

Wednesday 01st of June 2005 08:11:36 PM
I think "pres. I." is "present indicative" and "pres. S." "present subjunctive".

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