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Monday 12th of December 2005 05:55:45 AM
Á: '' has at least 4 diffrent meanings in Icelandic.
Who is willing to translate it in 4 diffrent ways?

Monday 12th of December 2005 04:24:06 PM
Well, first of all, it sounds very much like the Danish "", a very (very very) small river. So that would be one of my guesses.
Is "" a small river, or just a river?

Then there's like "p", or in English; On. Like "P en" "On/at the (very small) river".
If this isn't wrong, then how would you say "On The River"?
In the part of Denmark, where I live, some old people would say "' " (the (very small) river).

Then I think there's "i" (English in/at). Like "I Skandinavien" ("In Scandinavia").
I don't remember what Scandinavia is, in Icelandic, but I think it's something like No(d)ralund, but I'm sure I got it mostly wrong.

Then I'm compleately lost, but that could be because my Icelandic isn't too good...

Tuesday 13th of December 2005 12:31:08 AM
It's a river yes but not a small one.
On river =
We say: Skandinavu.
Here is a sentence with all the '' that I'm thinkig about.
[color=red] var og sagi .[/color]
You BurningShadow have found '' #2 and #3 in the sentence.
Translation of the other words.
var = was
og = and
sagi = said

Tuesday 13th of December 2005 02:14:18 PM
I looked it up in the dictionary and found that it also means per, but I can't figure out how this fits into the sentence?

Wednesday 14th of December 2005 11:37:46 AM
I'll be back.: I will soon be going home for the holidays and there I have notes from when I studied and a dictionary, and then once I have had a chance to refresh I will be back. This is very exciting that I found this neat website.

Thursday 15th of December 2005 06:51:08 AM
(noun) var (preposition) (noun) og sagi: "!" ( interjection).

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