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Thursday 05th of May 2005 03:45:18 PM
ask for a little help: what are the Icelandic equivalents for the following words?

1,hot girl
2,cute guy
3,reception (like in the sentence: My cell-phone has no reception here)

Friday 27th of May 2005 12:35:25 PM
with 300,000 speakers in the entire world, it fails to surprise me that there seems to have never been a fluent speaker of islenska on phrasebase in its entire history.

in short, i have no idea and wish i had someone to ask these things.

Saturday 28th of May 2005 12:23:08 AM
I'm sorry I haven't been more active here, alot been going on, too little time! I am fluent/native and have been here for months and there are more fluent speakers on Phrasebase but it seems almoste no one of them is very active here. There are around 290,000 speakers of Icelandic in Iceland. About 16,000 people with Icelandic citizenship live in Denmark, Norway and Sweden (few hundreds in Finland) and we can espect the number of fluent speakers there to be quite over that number. I don't have the numbers in other countries but in total there are maybe 100,000 speakers of Icelandic outside of Iceland. Many go abroad for a shorter or longer time. We are HEAVY internet users and (almoste) literally everyone has internet connection at home. So I guess we would be much harder to find (because of population) if not for that fact...

1. hot girl, chick, babe = gella, skutla, skvísa (heit gella = hot girl (literal translation))
2. cute guy = sćtur gaur (sweet guy), heitur gaur (hot guy)
3. reception = samband (síminn minn hefur ekkert samband hér)

otherwise, reception can mean = móttaka, gestamóttaka (guest reception), bođ (invite), undirtektir (responce), viđtökur (acceptance)

Sunday 29th of May 2005 09:35:00 AM
Xiexie: Thank you guys!!!

Is "farsími"=cell-phone, too?

Sunday 29th of May 2005 04:43:47 PM
farsími means mobile phone!

Wednesday 01st of June 2005 09:05:20 AM
And in some sense, cell-phone=mobile phone, right?

Wednesday 01st of June 2005 08:02:46 PM

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