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Sunday 16th of July 2006 08:43:21 AM
Getting into Icelandic: Okay, so my college (the University of Wisconsin - Madison) teaches over 63 different languages, including pretty much all of the Germanic languages (Old Norse included). The problem is, Icelandic is only taught occasionally.

If I can't get Icelandic now (my freshman year), what do you suggest I do to work into it when/if it is taught next?

Right now, I'm scheduled for Norwegian, because I've been told (though I don't always believe what I'm told) that Norwegian is a second languange in Iceland. I DO realize that Norwegian and Icelandic are not mutually understandable.

I'm planning on a major in either Japanese, Scandinavian Studies (any Germanic language), or Linguistics, possibly/most likely a double major, though.

So, what are your thoughts?


Wednesday 04th of October 2006 03:46:57 AM
As far as I've come to understand knowing Norwegian, Swedish or Danish is helpful when learning Icelandic. A friend of mine, who is from Iceland, can read Old Norse (albeit with slight difficulty). As you might know Old Norse is the root from which Danish, Norwegian and Swedish have branched out.

As for Norwegian being the second language in Iceland, well, Norwegian is taught in school, though more people know and use English than Norwegian.

Or so I've been told.

Monday 09th of October 2006 04:20:38 AM
English is the first language tought in schools here, Danish is the second one.

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