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Friday 09th of December 2005 07:53:48 PM
Icelandic Keymap: When I started to learn Icelandic, I wrote an Icelandic keymap.

The keymap is for the Syllable operating system. There's only a very few Icelandic users, and non of them has reported back, if the keymap is Ok, or not.
We are (most likely) going to release version 0.6.0 of the OS, this weekend, so it would be nice if someone would test the keymap.
I will make a CD, that just boots up, and load a text editor, as that will be all you need. I'm not here to recruit new folks, so I'm not going to post any links, unless someone is willing to test it.
It will only be around 10-15MByte, to download, and you will need one empty CD-R(W).
I have tested it as well as I could, but first of all, I don't have an Icelandic keyboard, and second, I'm not using Icelandic, every day.

The reason I write it in English, is that my Icelandic skills sucks. I can read a little Icelandic, but that's about it, until I get some more time.

PM me, or write in this thread, if you would like to help me. All you need to do, is to see if it writes the characters you type. That it. It's only 5 minutes of "work", but it will be a great help, and it will be appreciated.

// BurningShadow @ SyllableNorden

Saturday 10th of December 2005 07:10:13 AM
These websites might help you.

Saturday 10th of December 2005 04:26:52 PM
Thanks, it looks like I got it right, then :-)

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