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BridgetMonday 05th of December 2005 12:12:38 AM
How to say: \"Happy Birthday\"? - hi! could someone please tell me how to say \"Happy birthday\" in Irish please!
AnyaMonday 05th of December 2005 12:50:37 AM
- Dia dhuit Briget!

I'm only a student of Irish, but here's my take on how to say "Happy Birthday" : Go maire tú an lá!

Hopefully Alex or a native speaker can chime in on a word for word translation for that for you :)
RMKiwiMonday 05th of December 2005 06:29:09 AM
- The habitual way to say it is "Lá breithe sona", but Anya’s sentence is good as well.
trulliWednesday 07th of December 2005 07:52:30 AM
happy birthday - May I offer a distinction?? Anya's suggestion is a general exhortation to enjoy the day, which is cool. Kiwi's suggestion is birthday specific. Do you know how to pronounce the phrases?
RMKiwiThursday 08th of December 2005 04:39:28 AM
- I don’t think she knows, Irish pronounciation is hard to figure out from its spelling!

Go maire tú an lá --> "guh MAH-r'ih toon LAA" (r' is a kind of palatalized one-tap r, which sounds a bit like z or s in "pleasure"). "Laa": the aa is a very open a, between "ah" and "ay" sound. You have it in English "bad" but in the irish word it is long.

Lá breithe sona --> "laa BR'EH-hih SAW-nuh" (R' = r', cf above)
BridgetThursday 08th of December 2005 08:04:17 PM
- Thnaks guys! really apprieciate your help!

~Bridget xx
caeireannFriday 23rd of December 2005 02:14:49 AM
- Okay, too late for Bridget but for anyone else who might wander in off to street...

Irish speakers love to add prepositions to phrases so instead of Welcome! one finds Tá fáilte romhat! (There's a welcome before you!) Instead of Good luck! you get Go n-éirí leat! (May you be lucky!)


Happy birthday to you:

Lá breithe sona duit - law breh-ah sun-eh gwit
Breithlá shona duit - breh-law hun-eh gwit

Go maire tú an lá! is pronounced: guh mar-ih too un law
GaeltachtSunday 01st of October 2006 05:24:51 PM
- Breithlá shona duit I would stick to that.

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