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Wednesday 05th of July 2006 01:11:14 AM
pronunciation: I plan on posting all of my questions in this thread.

Question 1-

How much of a difference is there between a few of these words?

From what I understand, it is an elongation of the double consonant. so instead of saying pene you would say PEN-NE.
If anyone could post an audio file, that would be helpful. + what program do you use to make audio files? I finally got a microphone and plan to make use out of it.

-heh. yeah. I don't want to say penis in public. It would be VERY embarrassing.

Wednesday 05th of July 2006 03:34:56 AM
Hi! Here you go, I've recorded myself reading them aloud, I've tried to force my pronounciation a bit in order to make the difference sound as clear as possible, anyway depending on who you're talking with you 'll hear them pronounced differently. Many factors influence the pronounciation of geminated consonants: speed of pronunciation, accent of the speaker, degree of communication informal <> formal etc...

Let me know if you need something else!=o)
I'll be glad to help!

Wednesday 05th of July 2006 07:53:24 AM
Hi Harrison :)

As you can hear from Vito's recording,double consonants in Italian should always be heard. In fact, most of the times, Italians can spot foreigners by their bad double consonant pronunciation.
To make audio files I use Audacity, a very good - and free - recording tool. You can download it from See also the topic "How do you sound in Italian?" [url=]*here* for an explanation about recording audio files.


Wednesday 05th of July 2006 06:53:23 PM
Eheh I also use audacity to record sounds from my soundcard! it's a great tool!
By the way, I've listened to my file again and I found out that actually you could even spot I'm from the south of Italy thanks to the way I pronounce the geminated p, you can hear a sort of slight sonorization I made, which is a mark of dialects spoken in southern Calabria (the area where I'm from) and which are strongly influenced by the near Sicilian language.

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