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Wednesday 08th of March 2006 08:51:47 PM
"uto" verbs: the verb vissuto I know about.I was just wondering if someone could show me 2 or 3 more and give example in sentence. thanks millions

Thursday 09th of March 2006 07:08:24 AM
Hi Rob :)

1. 2nd conjugation verbs (those verbs whose infinitive ends in –ere) form their past participle by adding the ending –uto to the stem. This rule only applies to regular verbs, wich are very few in Italian :D

Some regular verbs:
Cred[color=red]ere[/color] - cred[color=red]uto[/color] (to believe – believed)
Tem[color=red]ere[/color] - tem[color=red]uto[/color] (to fear – feared)

2. Some irregular –ere verbs form their past participle regularly:

Av[color=red]ere[/color] - av[color=red]uto[/color] (to have – had)
Perd[color=red]ere[/color] - perd[color=red]uto[/color] (to lose – lost)
Viv[color=red]ere[/color] - viss[color=red]uto[/color] (to live – lived)

3. Many other –ere verbs are totally irregular, that is they form their past participle in different – and sometimes unpredictable - ways…

mordere – morso (to bit, bitten)
rispondere – risposto (to reply – replied)
dipingere – dipinto (to paint – painted)
ridere – riso (to laugh – laughed)
cuocere – cotto (to cook – cooked)
prendere – preso (to take – taken)

Once you meet a verb you don’t know, my advice is to look it up on the dictionary to check the conjugation. Complete verb conjugations can be found at

Some sentences with -uto past participles:

Ho vissuto a Roma per 20 anni
Ho perduto le chiavi di casa
Ho detto una bugia ma non mi hanno creduto
Non ho avuto il tempo di telefonarti



Friday 10th of March 2006 07:28:26 PM
for your reply: thankyou Carla for your prompt reply with examples of sentences,also the dictionary site whichI used omce before amd is extremely resourcefull ,thanks again ,Rob

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