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Sunday 12th of February 2006 05:16:18 PM
Audio Files: I haven't browsed through the entire Italian forum just yet so please forgive me if I'm not seeing the obvious. I'm looking for audio files where the speaker tells a short story at a slow pace. I've listened to only one of the audio files and found it a little too fast for me. I'd like to be able to absorb and comprehend but can't do it if there are too many words said at the normal pace.

Am I going about this the wrong way or should I just listen to the audios at the normal pace and try to pick up a familiar word every so often and build up on that?

I took Italian a few years back, went to Italy shortly thereafter where my efforts to speak were nicely rewarded with warm smiles. I'm working on going back to Italy before the year is out so I'm currently taking Italian again. When I went a few years back it was with an escorted tour. This time I want to go there without the escorted tour and depend on my knowledge of the language and customs to get me around on my own.

I'd appreciate any assistance on the audios. This is such a great site!

Grazie mille!

Friday 17th of February 2006 10:03:09 PM
Hi Haupia and welcome to Phrasebase :)

sorry for the delay I'm replying to your post... my connection has not been working lately :(
Thanks for your feedback about audio files…you are right, the audio files in the Italian forum right now are more suited to advanced learners. I’ll start a beginners audio files thread.

I have another suggestion... you (or other Italian students here) may think of some basic phrases/expressions, a dialog or a short story that you'd like to hear pronounced in Italian and post them here, in Italian or in English…

Then I (or other Italian native speakers) can post here the Italian translation as well as the audio file… What do you think?


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