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Monday 01st of August 2005 12:16:50 PM
hello, i need to learn italian!: i need to learn italian, i hope to study art in florence, but i don't know a word of italian. any help would be appreciated.


Tuesday 10th of January 2006 07:22:05 PM
italian: I think that you should take up some italian lessons because for english native speakers it's very difficult to learn italian....I also want to go study in Italy architecture and i speak italian fluently so if you need help just let me know

Wednesday 11th of January 2006 03:39:22 AM
You should probably find some Internet websites to help you, to find books (libraries, bookstores), to practice and ask a lot of questions. I never took any course with a real teacher, I spoke only Italian with three persons in my life (and the last one was a nun).

I don't mean I speak a good Italian, far away from this idea. At least, I can have a discussion with somebody, mistakes never killed anybody :)

Friday 20th of January 2006 10:32:47 PM
Pimsleur: You are welcome to make use of the Pimsleur thread here. I found the tapes (or CDs) at my library.

Wednesday 25th of January 2006 09:40:46 AM
Pimsluer and Rossetta Stone both work well... make use of them if you have the opportunity to. Also try downloading Italian music, watching Italian movies/tv shows, reading Italian, and speaking it whenever you have a chance. Eventually, it'll sink in. Feel free to ask me any questions if needed.

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