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Saturday 28th of January 2006 11:19:57 AM
I am new here Please help: Please Help
Hello I am new to this board and just started to study Italian about a week ago. I really want to learn Italian and eventually be able to speak it fluently. I am however having problems understand a few things. First alot of nouns are written different when I check them. Like some say Cane for dog and some say il Cane. Whats up with that? Also I really, really am having a hard time with putting sentences together. Like why is the phrase: I only know a few words of Italian said like this: Consoco solo qualche parola di Italiano and not: So soltanto poche parole di italiano? I just cant get it. I dont understand how to put sentneces together. Can anyone help me and possibly teach me Italian. Thanks!

Saturday 28th of January 2006 05:45:20 PM
Ciao, benvenuto su phrasebase!
I can tell you that
- conosceremeans: to be acquainted with people or places

- sapere means to know facts
this is the main rule. of course there might be lots of situations where both of them sound pretty much correct. One of these is the sentence you wrote. In standard italian i would use the onewith conosco though, the other one sounds more familiar to me.. The only way to rally get how it works is to make a lot of exercises.

if you want to do some exercises about it:

a presto e buon studio!

cane = dog
il cane = the dog
un cane = a dog ;o)

time to learn the definite and indefinite articles =o)

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