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Friday 13th of October 2006 01:01:06 AM
Il Palio-an amazing horse race: Hello everyone!
Forgive me that I'm writing here in English.I don't know any Italian yet.Yesterday thanks to a second channel of Polish public television I had an opportunity to watch a documentary about a district of Siena-Civetta and about a traditional horse racing competition called Il Palio.
Both atmosphere of the district and the race itself impressed me a lot.For this reason I would like to recommend to you 2 websites about Palio:
(In English-for those of you who are not too fluent in Italian yet)
(in Italian)

Friday 13th of October 2006 01:20:27 AM
Glad you like it! It's a really exciting race, you should see it live once =o)
let me know if you want to know more information about it!

Monday 16th of October 2006 12:40:15 AM
Thank you leobloom! I hope I will learn Italian-I'm a complete begginer.I like a lot the sound of Italian-it's very melodic.
I hope to see Palio one day-I love the history,local festivals and taking pictures during events of this kind, so I guess it would be a very special experience to me.
I've been to Italy only once so far-in Venice.I want to visit Milan one day.
Excuse me my late reply-lately I was ill(some kind of a virus got me-I had to take in some strong antibiotics and afterwords I could only sleep all day) and quite busy.I hope I will be back and more active on this forum this week.

Monday 16th of October 2006 12:53:44 AM
the Bruco Palio Parade: Leopold,could you please tell me something more about the Bruco Palio Parade?
As the documentary I watched was concentrating mainly on Civette and its inhabitants,not on the parade.What are the roots of this parade? It's symbolic and history? Is there any information about this event avaible in internet? It may be in Italian-I will try to read with a help of a vocabulary.

Tuesday 17th of October 2006 07:17:29 PM
Why exactly the contrada del Bruco? =o)

you know, each contrada makes its own parade throughout the city during the Palio period- The roots are, as for most of the things in the Palio, Medieval, but the tradition of the Palio was put back to life in late 17th century/ early 18th century as far as I remember from my youth here lol :D I live in Siena but this is not my hometown =o)

there are different kinds of parades, each of them with a meaning, a reason and a tradition... and obviously each of them is held in different periods of the year.

Anyway the wiki in Italian has a wide range of pages about the Palio di Siena, just make a quick search and skim through them all to read what might interest you the most =o)

let me know if you have some other things you want to ask me! I'll be glad to help!

EDIT: I've found a nice and long movie that you can watch online for free, it's about the palio of 2004, it's in Dutch and Italian.

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