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Friday 03rd of June 2005 04:12:56 PM
Learning italian - links NEW! Look at the first post...:
EDIT: I rearranged all the Italian links and put them in a web page.
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New Links Page => Click here

Please keep posting useful links in this thread, if I find them valuable I'll add them to the new links page.

Hello everyone, :) :)
Here are some helpful links for learning italian:

Free italian courses on the web (with audio files)

Free online dictionaries
(you can download a 30 days trial version with italian/english/italian glossary)

grammar websites

audio clips with transcriptions and english translations

(realplayer is required)
(literary pieces - both pdf and audio files read by professional speakers)

links to online TV and radio stations

I'd suggest you to learn the basics (grammar and most common expressions), then look for an italian language partner to practice (e-mail exchange, text chat and voice chat). At least, that worked the best with me.
Ask me for any help you may need. I'm also available to practice on MSN or Yahoo. If you have any questions, please post them in the Italian Discussion.
:) :) :)

Friday 03rd of June 2005 06:29:44 PM
Hi Carla,

This is a very useful post, thanks a lot for all the great links! :)

I also have a question for you. I am a complete beginner in Italian, so my question might sound a bit stupid. When I was in Venice and Rome, I heard quite a lot of people saying 'excuse me' in Italian. Some of them used the expression 'scusa' and others 'scusi'. Can you please tell me the difference between the two? Scusa seems to be more used.

Apparently there are also different ways to say thank you in Italian. I think grazie is supposed to mean thank you, but I sometimes heard people say something like grazi or grazia. I'm a bit lost...

Anyway, thanks in advance for your response Carla :D

Friday 03rd of June 2005 07:10:18 PM
Hi Mery,
I think no question is stupid. :) In fact, you remarked a very subtle difference of pronunciation.
Both scusa and scusi mean “excuse me”, the difference is that “scusa” is informal and “scusi” is a formal expression.

In Italian, as well as in French, there’s a difference between formal and informal speech.
When you want to be formal in French, you use the pronoun “vous”. In Italian we use the pronoun “lei” (3rd person feminine singular pronoun). Though it’s feminine, it applies to men also :D
I think “scusa” = “excuse-moi” and “scusi” = “excusez-moi”.

Regarding “grazie”, there are no other ways to say thank you. The word “grazie” is to be pronounced “gràzie”, with the tonic stress on the first syllable. The “e” in grazie is always to be heard and it sounds like the french é. The differences you heard are probably due to a non-standard pronunciation of people you talked to. In Italy there are many different Italian pronunciations according to the region the speaker is from.


Friday 03rd of June 2005 08:06:16 PM
Websites: I found these websites very useful and well made, i'd also suggest these:

Saturday 04th of June 2005 08:12:30 PM
Merci infiniment Carla for this clear explanation :D

I might come back later with more questions :p Since I am back from my Italian trip, I really feel like learning Italian.

Phlame64, thanks for the links! The audio files and exercises are really useful :)

Tuesday 22nd of November 2005 05:47:12 AM
Screensaver: I found this website today:

You can download a free screensaver and set it to English, Spanish, French, Italian or German and it will test your vocabulary. Give the preview a go!

Thursday 24th of November 2005 12:50:21 AM
Ho trovato anche questi:

Thursday 01st of December 2005 07:01:17 AM
Listening Activities in Italian: I'm trying to find some opportunity to listen to real spoken Italian but be able to follow along with a transcript. I'm not at a level yet where I can understand what I am hearing without reading it too. I rent movies and watch them but am also looking for a way to listen to news/radio but have a transcript of the broadcast. Does anyone know if such a resource exists?

Thursday 01st of December 2005 07:36:50 AM
Ciao :)

Here's a reports website with video clips and Italian transcripts:

Here's a news website with video clips in Italian and English, but not Italian transcripts...

I don't know about real time news with Italian transcripts...
You may also have a look at the links in the first post of this topic.
The following website contains videoclips with italian transcripts and English translations:

Check out this other one:
It contains literary pieces in pdf format with audio clips read by professional speakers.



Friday 09th of December 2005 01:14:54 AM
I just found a website with very good games for beginners (like me :)). I hope no one posted the link before me :/

Wednesday 04th of January 2006 02:20:54 PM
grazie: to those who post the helpul links im really thankful because i really like to learn italian i hope you can help me here's my yahoo ciao amico. :-)

Friday 27th of January 2006 05:40:26 PM
I was looking for the italian course on italica and i found this:

and i 've just found this one where to have some exercises:

nice, no? A bunch of free resources for Italian learners!
buon studio e buon divertimento!

other one:

Wednesday 22nd of February 2006 04:47:47 AM
thanks for these links, they are very helpful.

and Leo, I see in your signature that you mention rugby. Do you play?

Thursday 23rd of February 2006 06:59:51 AM
Italian web TV: Hi everyone :)

Here's an Italian web TV website:

Click on the TV screen... another window will show in wich you can select the tv station you want to watch to.

Carla :)

Saturday 25th of February 2006 07:20:56 AM
Free Italian voice synthesizer: Hi everyone :) :)

Here’s a link to download a free Italian voice synthesizer.

It doesn’t need to be installed. To download it, you have to click on Eloquens.rar at the bottom of the screen. After downloading it, unzip it in a folder and double click on the .exe file.

How to use it:
Just type or paste a text into the program window and press the button Leggi…Eloquens will read the text for you. Though it sounds a bit artificial – and funny :D – it might come handy to hear how words are pronounced in Italian.


Tuesday 04th of April 2006 02:25:11 AM
Buone nuove ragazzi!

Grammatica italiana di base, ovviamente gratuita :D

Dizionario di italiano per immagini (molto carino)

Magazine online per studenti di italiano/ lezioni

Magazine online in 6 lingue, anche in italiano:

Grammatica ed altre risorse:


Per adesso dovrebbe andare bene.
Buon studio a tutti!!!

Tuesday 04th of April 2006 04:38:55 PM
Ho trovato un link interessante sulla storia della lingua italiana:

Here's an interesting link about the history of the Italian language:



Tuesday 02nd of May 2006 04:12:29 AM
A new link, actually this one would be very good for Italians (in fact it's been thought for us, native speakers, and our common mistakes :D )

Tuesday 23rd of May 2006 12:19:45 AM
ciao: Mi chiamo Paulina, sono di Lituania.. i am just start to learn italian, i think it's a wonderful lenguage...

Sunday 28th of May 2006 08:05:05 PM

Free choice tv from RAI, the public broadcasting television. The best of RAI is online for free =o)

as Albis said, the Italian basic vocabulary is now on:

Wednesday 12th of July 2006 07:55:18 PM
A new podcast, they also give you the transcript and vocab list.

Saturday 15th of July 2006 09:31:24 AM
Bongiorno. Mi chiamo Daniel, I am new to Italian so I do not know much as of yet. I would love for a native speaker to help me with Italian in exchange I could provide help with English or Spanish. arrivederci

Wednesday 16th of August 2006 07:51:37 AM
Hi, I think that you'd probably "Sticky" this site, because it's almost out of the front page!

Saturday 04th of November 2006 04:59:14 AM

subjunctive and more

Wednesday 22nd of November 2006 05:43:35 AM

this guy has uploaded hundreds of famous Italian pop songs, from extremely old ones to quite recent ones. You can listen to them while reading the lyrics. I had never heard some of them! :D even though my parents know them all :D

btw, it's funny to se that Toto Cotugno became Toto Cutunho in Brazil :D

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