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Thursday 27th of October 2005 03:39:16 PM
plz help... :): does anyone here know how to memorize 1000 new words in short time..?? ;P

Thursday 27th of October 2005 07:28:47 PM
Hi Croll, :)
I have no idea ... Everyone has a different way of learning...
This is my suggestion: try and use those words... would you like to make some sentences here (or even a story) using some of the words you need to memorize?


Thursday 27th of October 2005 08:44:16 PM
Well,you can pick 8-9 songs that you like really really much and try to translate them,also you can use the online translators(free).

Thursday 27th of October 2005 08:49:25 PM
Aahm, this one also works:chat with some italian,write on the paper some words and try to speak with them,then ask them how do u say some words,etc... a language can be learned quickly,if you enjoy it.
Well,i think it would be easier if you'd had an italian boyfriend,but i don't know if that is your case:D
Good luck.

Friday 28th of October 2005 06:24:11 AM
Ways to learn vocabulary: I've found a few.
One is the 'Before You Know It' software... I am thinking about moving up from the free version so I can make up my own vocabulary lists.

Another is the Eurotalk CDs. I found two in Italian on eMule. Both work on vocabulary mostly.

Yet another is the 'link word' method from 'Unforgettable Languages'.

These are some ideas that work for me. I like the reinforcement of a 'flash card' approach.

Oh yes, and I do like the Pimsleur approach because the words are repeated often and used in some context, not just given as words to remember.

And, of course, there are always the good old fashioned flash cards!


Friday 28th of October 2005 02:44:38 PM
well, one way the realy works for me is to use all the word i've just learnt as often as possible and looking thru a dictionary as soon as I don't remember something. Then Also creating sentences works really well.

Buona giornata! :o)

Tuesday 01st of November 2005 10:07:47 AM
mille grazie: ciao,
thanks for the advices

carla & leo, yes..I'm working on some writing exercises so that I can practise to use some words i want to memorized (and join in some games in this forum)
cristally, i have some exchange partners to chat with, but i responsed them very slow cause i have to think of words n sentences..., an italian boyfriend? mmmh.. good advice :D
thanks frederick for the website, very interesting (and usefull) i have browsed them.. but not all, yet

hope can improve faster.. :)


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