Javanese Fisrt Lesson... Mboten M'riki Belajar Boso Jawa!

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Wednesday 07th of September 2005 02:08:39 PM
Fisrt Lesson...: hey Javanese it's anice language! they're similar with Sundanese.

Javanese useful in central-java, east-java and in the kingdom area of Yogyakarta!
In every place has their own javanese "adat-istiadat" culture / traditional rule to call to each other!

In Brebes city, the border city between Javanese and sundanese. they could be able to speak javanese and sundanese. but maybe... some of Yogyakarta peoples aid "the brebes say a rough something" rough or not. it's depend to the "language that they have to say".

there's three Javanese language step of language.
1. language for common people.
2. Language for parents and the older. (Krama language)
3. Language for sultan and the other kingdom peoples. (Kedaton language)

here's i'll try to offer you the common javanese language!

Under contructing!


Tuesday 10th of January 2006 12:17:15 PM
Wow...I hope you post it really soon! Almost all of my grandmothers & grandfathers are speaking Javanese and I can understand, but my speaking is bad.

Monday 23rd of January 2006 12:01:37 PM
Dear Mayang: Okey... but wait for a couple weeks...

Cause my Computer is repairing!
when the computer already exist i'll try to make it for all of the Javanese lovers!

Insya ALLAH!

wait okey...

Your Contributor!

Ricky Pratama

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