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Saturday 09th of April 2005 10:54:59 AM
Hello Everyone ! (커리스입니다) ^_^: I spent two years in Korea and I am now married to a wonderful Korean woman. I can read hangul and I know lots of phrases, but I'm still trying to make that leap into fluency. In the mean time I will post those phrases that I know, links to helpful websites, and whatever else I find that might be helpful to everyone else. So for starters...

This website is awesome. They have video on demand lessons and phrase lists and lots of other goodies.

This site is helpful for getting down the basics if you don't already know how to read Korean. It also supplies you with some vocabulary and phrases.

And.. for good measure... here is a list of some of the phrases that I've gathered. They go in this order: Hangul - English Romanization - English Translation. I hope everyone finds this helpful.

1 ) 네 - neh - Yes (more common)
예 - yeh - Yes

2 ) 아니오 - ah ni oh - No
아니요 - ahniyo - No

3 ) 안녕하세요? - ahn nyeong ha seh yo? - How are you?
annyounghaseyo? Lit: Are you peaceful (well)?

안녕하세요. - ahn nyeong ha seh yo. - Hello / Hi (a form of greeting)
annyounghaseyo. Lit: Please be peaceful (well).

4 ) (name) ...입니다 ... - im ni da - I am (name)... (formal)

5 ) [만나서] 반갑습니다 - [man na seo] pan gap seub ni da - Nice to meet you
[mannahsuh] pangapsubnida Lit: [Because I met you] I am so glad

6 ) 감사합니다 - kam sa ham ni da - Thank you (formal)

감사해[요] - kam sa hae yo Thank you - (informal)

7 ) 고맙습니다 - goh map seub ni da - Thank you (formal)

고마워[요] - go ma weo [yo] - Thank you (informal)

8 ) 죄송합니다 - chwe song ham ni da - I am sorry (formal)

미안해[요] - mi ahn hae [yo] - I'm sorry; Sorry (informal)

9 ) 여보세요! - yeo boh seh yo
yoboseyo - Hello? (on the phone; peering into dark house)
Hey there!
Look here!

10 ) 누구세요? - noo goo seh yo?
nuguseyo? - Who is it? (when answering a knock on the door)

11 ) 아니오, 괜찮아요 - ah ni oh, kwaen chan nah yo - No, thanks; It's alright; It's ok;
aniyo, kwenchanayo

괜찮아[요] - kwaen chan nah [yo] - It's ok; You're welcome (informal)
kwenchana [yo]
Lit: It's ok / alright, dont you know?

12 ) 알겠습니다 - al get seub ni da - I understand (formal)
algesubnida Lit: I have understood
(said to your boss / superior in formal setting)

아랐어[요] - ah rat seo [yo] - I understand; I got it (informal)
araso[yo] (said in informal settings to friend, etc.; also used in angry / annoyed manner)

13 ) 그래요? - geu rae yo? - Oh, really?; Is that so?

그래요. - geu rae [yo] - Really; That's so

14 ) 사랑해요 - sarang hae yo - I love you

15 ) 주세요 - joo seh yo - Give me (Can be attached to end of a sentence)

16 ) 좋아요? - joh ah yo? - good is it? , do you like it?

17 ) 좋아요 - joh ah yo - it is good, I like it

18 ) 하세요? - ha seh yo? - You do....? You Speak...?

19 ) 있어요? - it ssuh yo? - you have it? do you have? is there?

20 ) 있어요 - it ssuh yo - I have , There is ... , ... is here

21 ) 몰라요 - mol la yo - I dont know

22 ) 뭐예요? - mwuh yeh yo? - What is..?

23 ) 어디예요? uh di yeh yo? - Where is..?

24 ) 아직 - ah jik - still; not yet

25 ) 들 - deul - sentence particle; sign of subject ; plural marker

26 ) 이 - ee - this; current; present

27 ) 이제 - ee jeh - now

28 ) 언제나 - uhn jeh na - always

29 ) 의 - eui - posession particle

30 ) 가 - gah - sentence particle

31 ) 그래 - geu rae - ok; well

32 ) 그렇게 - geu ruh keh - like that; in that way

33 ) 하지만 - ha ji man - but

34 ) 행복 - haeng bok - to be happy; happy; happiness

35 ) 함께(해) - ham keh (hae) - (to be) together

36 ) 이렇게 - ee ruh keh - like this; in this way

37 ) 가끔 - kah keum - sometimes

38 ) 그냥 - geu nyang - that way; keep it like that

39 ) 미안(해) - mi ahn (hae) - (to be) sorry

40 ) 모두 - mo doo – every

41 ) 나 - nah - I / Me

42 ) 나의 - nah eui - My / Mine (lit: Me + posession particle)

43 ) 내가 - nae gah - I / me (more emphasis on 'me' than "Na" by itself)

44 ) 너 - nuh - you (informal)

45 ) 너의 - nuh eui - your's (lit: You + posession particle)

I'll try to post more at least once a week, but life's a bit busy sometimes. For now 안녕~

Saturday 09th of April 2005 10:57:57 AM
This is the rest of the previous list: 46 ) 는 - neun - sentence particle, sign of subject

47 ) 니가 - ni gah - you (more emphasis on 'you' than "Nuh" by itself)

48 ) 우리 - Oo ri - we / our

49 ) 없어(요) - op suh (yo) - there is not; not to be (addition of 'yo' = more polite)

50 ) 밤 - bam - night

51 ) 를 / 을 - reul / eul - sentence particle, sign of object / subject

52 ) 사랑 - sarang - love

53 ) 사랑해(요) - sarang hae (yo) - I love you; (to) love; (absense of 'yo' = more serious and emphasis)

54 ) 사람 - saram - person; people

55 ) 세상 - seh sang - world

56 ) 속에 - sok eh - inside (for dark and small areas)

57 ) 왜 - wae - why

58 ) 위해 - wi hae - for; above

59 ) -요 - yo - said to be formal and polite at end of sentences / please

60 ) 용서(해) - yong suh (hae) - (to) forgive

61 ) 영원 - yong won - eternity

62 ) 영원이 - yong won ee - forever

63 ) 한국 - han gook [han guk] - Korea

64 ) 영국 - yong gook [yong guk] - England

65 ) 미국 - mi gook [mi guk] - America

66 ) 나는 당신을 사랑해요 - na neun dang sin eul sarang hae yo - I love you

67 ) 너를 위햇어 - nuh reul wi hae suh - for you

68 ) 이세상에서 - ee seh sang eh suh - in this world

69 ) (이제는) 다시 시작해 - (ee jeh neun) dah si shi jahk hae - (now) let's restart again

70 ) 우리가 - Oo ri gah – we

Saturday 09th of April 2005 11:11:12 PM
Feedback: If anyone finds this or similar information useful please let me know. This site doesn't yet seem to offer much for those of us wanting to study Korean so I'm contributing what I can. If I find that it's not useful or it's information that everyone already has access to I won't post this sort of information.

Wednesday 20th of April 2005 04:44:18 PM
Hi John Galt!
thank you for the information and your contribution.
My family is korean but i have never been to Korea and the traditions are lost as well as language. Now im trying to learn it. And very interested to hear about it more - especialy from you may be because it would be "first hand" information.. My experience of the korean culture is completely mixed with cultures of the ares i lived in...
Im trying to find some good sites in the internet but so far found none , as soon as there is one good i'll add it here too..

Wednesday 20th of April 2005 04:47:42 PM
here is one i found , seems good :
offers different level courses

Friday 22nd of April 2005 10:06:27 PM
감사함니다.. this thread has some words which i didn't know the meaning before..

these are two more sites for learning korean..

Thursday 05th of May 2005 12:57:57 PM
Komawayo: Thanks for the list. It's really very helpful for beginners like me. I'm also thinking of enrolling in a regular Korean language course. I'm good with basic vocabulary, but grammar scares me plus the various forms-honorific, formal etc.

johnwasham and langintro sites are very helpful as well as www.kosnet.go.kr. from very basic vocabulary for kinder!

Thursday 05th of May 2005 03:23:20 PM
안녕하세요! hello!: 저는 norman이라고 합니다. 중국에서 왔습니다. 처음 뵙겠습니다. 만나서 반갑습니다.
My name is Norman and I come from China. It's the first time I've been here. Nice to meet you all! ^^

Friday 01st of July 2005 12:20:36 AM
korean phrases: thanks a lot for the word list! But could be pls add some sentences with these words in it? That would be great cos its easier to learn things with solid examples.
Thank you in advance!

Saturday 16th of July 2005 06:57:29 PM
Annyonghaseyo! I also wanna learn some basic Korean, too. :)

Tuesday 24th of January 2006 08:06:56 AM
Well, I'm Korean and I lived there for the first year of my life. I don't know the language but I did attend a "Korean school" where I was taught the basics, etc. The grammar and spelling isn't difficult for english speakers compared to harder languages. If you use your head and think through the phrases you can eventually pick apart the pronunciation, etc. Good luck guys.

Saturday 23rd of September 2006 10:48:44 AM
한 극 말 이 재 미 잊 어요: Anyeonghaseyo John Galt! Jay irumun LADY imnida. Thank you for the word list that you have posted here. I'm sure it will be very helpful for everybody. I will also try to post some but my problem is I don't know their romantization. I can just type it the way I pronounce it. I can read and write hangul a bit but I'm having problems with romantization. Is that important? Can you teach me how to? Mani dangsinel kamsahamnida!

Saturday 23rd of September 2006 10:59:35 AM
I'd say there is no problem. I mean... I started learning hangeul... and... I actually prefer not to read at the romanized versions. So.. if you can post something... we'll be thankful :)

Saturday 23rd of September 2006 11:27:41 AM
Originally posted by jvz8a

I'd say there is no problem. I mean... I started learning hangeul... and... I actually prefer not to read at the romanized versions. So.. if you can post something... we'll be thankful :)

Chinchayo? I just thought it was necessary. Anyway, here's some phrases/sentences that might be useful for everyday conversation with Koreans...

1. Gajang gakaun jeonwha boxga eodiee itjo? Where is the nearest telephone booth?
2. Gajang gakawoon hwajangsilyi eodiyae itjo? Where is the nearest toilet/comfort room?
3. Gajang gakawun restaurang/snack bar ga eodiyae itjo? Where is the nearest restaurant/snack bar?
4. Yi peongirel bucheo jusiget - sebnika? Will you post this letter for me?
5. Itji maseyo. Don't forget.
6. Begopayo. I'm hungry.
7. Mokmalayo. I'm thirsty.
8. Woe momchu seyo? Why are we stopping?
9. Moga munjejo? What is the matter?
10. Eolmajo? How much?
11. Pali ga useyo! Drive faster!
12. Chonchonyi wunjeonhae juseyo. Drive more slowly.
13. Jigum nemu gebhaeyo. Im in a hurry.
14. Yogiseo gidariseyo. You can wait here.
15. Odi gasenen kirimnika? Where are you going?

I'll post again soon. I just need to go by now.

Thursday 28th of September 2006 06:28:00 PM
It looks like you put a lot of effort into that. :)

Sunday 21st of January 2007 09:50:17 AM
Annyeong-haseyo, Yeoreobun? μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„: Hello, everyone?

I think this topic has become already quite old with no more posts since from Tiger although there are the posts here very attractive and lovely.
Even the idea from omersener is very bright and helpful for others as well.

I feel some sympathy on these posts here so valued to leave them out on the yard, so I would like to awaken this topic refreshed again by posting mine.

My post however will be after edit and arrange my initial idea little bit more differently.

thanks in advance for your patience until posted

keep in touch

Thursday 06th of March 2008 09:39:09 PM
what do you mean by this?: λ°©κ°€λ°©κ°€~~ν•œκ΅­λΆ„μ΄μ’…?

some one just asked me this one,
im still learning. T.T

Thursday 28th of August 2008 02:40:52 PM

Thanks so much for all of these! Korean is my favorite language!


Sunday 28th of September 2008 01:27:48 PM

this is the contract word similar to the slang,which is used when people are happy to meet someone(friends).
this is not the standard korean word. used just among the young generation.

standard words : λ°˜κ°‘λ‹€/ λ°˜κ°€μ™€μš”/ λ°˜κ°‘μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€


Friday 31st of October 2008 04:36:11 AM
thank you so much you really helped me !
even though i know most of this it helped me ynderstand theme better : )
and i recommend this site it has a lot of words and phrases that can help

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