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LANGUAGE EXCHANGE - Interested in Exchanging languages? Want to learn more than one? Want to Pen Pal? Look Here!AuthorDate
English for Japanese or Korean - English for your Japanese or Korean?Sardwyn19th Nov 2005
Can Teach English - in return for ANY languageropeburn21st Jan 2006
English for Finnish - Jorah15th Nov 2006
I can help you with Japanese - Visitor29th Nov 2006
korean language - do u wanna learn korean and exchange?edwoodseo2nd Jan 2007
Trying to learn Hindi - I would like help learning Hindi, please!zoe_sunshine11th Mar 2007
Can you teach me your native language? - JFM6th Apr 2007
If you learning Russian or Kirgiz language - Exchange for english.Ulan8th May 2007
I\'ll give you Spanish or English, you give me... anything! - I just want to learn a random language right now.Duffie14th May 2007
What do you think is the best-known Latinamerican country? - I think Mexico :DJFM15th May 2007
I want to learn Georgian - mxc11th Jun 2007
exchange english-italian - i would improve my english, i could help you for italianvitaliano2nd Jul 2007
my Chinese for your English - looking for a English language partnerbkuyang11th Aug 2007
learning HINDI - I dont know hardly any HINDIPrasad26th Aug 2007
I want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. - Bryan2nd Sep 2007
Give my English for Tagalog - Im moving to manilla and i would like to know the native languageVendii5th Sep 2007
irish - want to learn irishangels6th Sep 2007
desperate to learn turkish - italianpunk8th Sep 2007
My English for your Japanese - english for japanesemizukitsune9th Sep 2007
English for ANY language - Im looking to learn pretty much any languageandrew0119210th Sep 2007
Can anyone help me learn urdu and i can teach you english in return - RehmanHussain10th Sep 2007
Willing to learn urdu, will exchange with teaching english - RehmanHussain10th Sep 2007
English for Polish, Russian, French, or Classic(Qur\'an) Arabic - I\'ll teach English for any of those languages, or maybe a different one if you really want!Former_Member13th Sep 2007
I will teach spanish and english for italian - thething91213th Sep 2007
I can teach Turkish for your German or English - Turkish for your German or English or any other foreign language.Bogurtlen13th Sep 2007
i will teach italian for english or spanish - i will teach italian for english or spanishalessandro9016th Sep 2007
Learning English - Visitor17th Sep 2007
SPANISH FOR OTHER LANGUAGES - trade spanish for other languagesshasan18th Sep 2007
english for italian? - damon4418th Sep 2007
Russian or German for Arabic, Turkish or English - interbuy24th Sep 2007
English or Spanish for Arabic or Mandarin Chinese - I can teach basic German too...gryphonastar24th Sep 2007
Everything about the English language for Japanese lessons - SENSEI!!!LBDisciple25th Sep 2007
English for Italian - I can teach English for Italiancarolee2nd Oct 2007
I would like a japanese, italian, or spanish friend - thething9123rd Oct 2007
english please!!!! - Visitor21st Oct 2007
would like to learn russian,can help with my english - coleita24_725th Oct 2007
Portuguese for English? - interested in exchanging Portuguese for English?TommyBoy15th Nov 2007
English or German for Russian, Japanese, or Vietnamese - Razanur20th Nov 2007
I want to improve my english! - minachan23rd Nov 2007
Cześć! e ciao a tutti!! - ENGLISH~ polsku, руÑ?Ñ?ко, português, español, italianoxtinabambina25th Nov 2007
English for German or French - russxcore2nd Dec 2007
English for Czech/Danish/Dutch/Faroese/Finnish/German/Japanese - Norwegian/Portuguese Brazilian(sao paulo)/Russian/Spanish/SwedishSweyn5th Dec 2007
Ich will mehr Deutsch lernen! - sorceroussymbiote12th Dec 2007
Bulgarian for Spanish or English - Здравейтеvan4eto13th Dec 2007
My English for Your Italian - Katey14th Dec 2007
My English for Your Italian or Portuguese - Inglese-Italiano-PortuguêsDominick_Korshanyenko17th Dec 2007
Croatian for Russian - Hi! I'd like to learn Russian, can help with Croatian and Englishnemaideja17th Dec 2007
I want learn english - mana_m21st Dec 2007
Faroese? - Sweyn25th Dec 2007
My Spanish for your Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) or Latin - (My Spanish from Mèxico)PSYLOCKE-X28th Dec 2007
Chinese for English - exchange (for more fluently)forest28th Dec 2007
Language Exchange - looking for Malay pen pal and will help anyone with Englishbluejay39030th Dec 2007
English/Korean exchange? - I'm English, looking for Korean...kkaebi1st Jan 2008
French / English language - French / English language exchangenormandiebelle3rd Jan 2008
English or Spanish for Arabic, Japanese, or Farsi. - I want to learn Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.thething9123rd Jan 2008
My Brasilian Portuguese for your english - You dont need to be a native speakerKlaygomes3rd Jan 2008
italian english - kaya794th Jan 2008
Your english for my Italian - I'm looking for an english native speaker for tandemtvalente4th Jan 2008
english and french for german - FrenchBrit6th Jan 2008
English Romanian? - Yana7779th Jan 2008
Chinese for English and French - december11th Jan 2008
Need help with german,french - Need someone to chat in german and start to learn french. I speak in english and german.Ginger22nd Jan 2008
You want learn French or can teach me English, Spanish or Arabic ? - My french for your English or Spanish or Arabicamyriamb28th Jan 2008
My Polish for your English - moonkey30th Jan 2008
I can teach you English if you can tecah me arabic, Hindi or Tamil - Meera30th Jan 2008
russian for english - alexasha31st Jan 2008
Korean - English - (Language Exchange)faykos4th Feb 2008
English/Madarin for Turkish - devilyrene4th Feb 2008
Seeking Italian Penpal - Io parlo inglese e italianoekonomistudenten12th Feb 2008
mandarin for english or japanese - konototo18th Feb 2008
Spanish/Italian/English for French - Hi, I\'m looking for penpals to teach me frenchTrynity_1619th Feb 2008
English or Spanish for Mandarin. - Ignore my other topics.thething91225th Feb 2008
Italian for English ^^ - Warriah5th Mar 2008
Lithuanian for Dutch, German or Finnish - I want to learn Dutch, German or FinnishJustina9th Mar 2008
English and German for almost any language - Sweyn13th Mar 2008
Italian for English - Parlo inglese se parli italianomikemoto6715th Mar 2008
Russian and Lithuanian for Norway lenguage - =)artemide2420th Mar 2008
English for italian - abulafia200823rd Mar 2008
Italian for English or Spanish - Italian for English or Spanishcippoten26th Mar 2008
I can teach english, punjabi or arabic - RehmanHussain30th Mar 2008
Urdu - Learning Urdunicsimp7th Apr 2008
I can teach you English!!! - Se mi insegni l'italianomikemoto6715th Apr 2008
find friends - i can speak chineseliujia16th Apr 2008
Learning German, teaching English - darenet24th Apr 2008
find a language exchange partner - ANY LANGUAGEAmeerah28th Apr 2008
Looking for a Pen Pal - I want to learn French, Greek, German, Italian, Hindi and ArabicBellaFiore3rd May 2008
I want to find some friends - I speak English, some italian, french, german, and just a bit of arabicBellaFiore3rd May 2008
Kurdish - Sorani - Biyatha8812th May 2008
I'll teach you Tagalog or English for your Azeri or Spanish - I'm desperate...chever20th May 2008
English, Kurdish, Turkish for Italian, Latin, Kurdish, English - G_E_B_24th May 2008
I ask for Croatian, and offer Italian/English - sasa26th May 2008
i can teach you french for your tagalog - cynthia26th May 2008
Want to learn French - adamomusica26th May 2008
can help you with Russian - in exchange for English or Koreanrunnig1st Jun 2008
Hoping to learn Arabic - In exchange for English or Frenchtravelgirl4th Jun 2008
My urdu,punjabi,hindi your english - i m very good in many langs. i can teach urdu, punjabi, hindi i wanna learn englishhackrogenius15th Jun 2008
looking for a language exchange partner - jiyoung16th Jun 2008
Internship in abroad - Anonymous19th Jun 2008
I would like to improve my Italian and Swedish - I speak English (fluent), Spanish (conversational), and Italian (beginner)ekonomistudenten21st Jun 2008
I need to learn some Finnish. - I speak English and quite a bit of Spanish, I'm learning Italianekonomistudenten23rd Jun 2008
need english - Sonii9th Jul 2008
Learning Swedish, Speak British English - Swedish - British English language exchange.Bex1st Aug 2008
russian for english - ciunchikan14th Aug 2008
Teach me Swedish! - I need someone who is fluent in both English AND Swedishmalicefey15th Aug 2008
English for Turkish - sanjo17th Aug 2008
croatian - mlynnea27th Aug 2008
My english for your - - Russian, Finnish, Georgian, French, Romanian, Xhosa (sp?) anything!Chillee11th Sep 2008
French speakers :D - I teach u spanish and u help me with french ^^ivan9021st Sep 2008
Russian and Ukrainian for English and Bulgarian - Ed2nd Oct 2008
Hello from Bosnia ! - Anyone speak Khmer ?Miana11th Oct 2008
My english for your dutch - schmudeT14th Oct 2008
email or chat program - German,Japanese,French,Spanish, Russian.poet_of_light17th Oct 2008
Scot looking for native French/Spanish/German speakers! - pumpkinheart23rd Oct 2008
Italian language - Italian language buddy/teacherAnonymous27th Oct 2008
teach cantonese or mandarin in excahnge of any other language: - kennysai4th Nov 2008
Swahili - Hope to learn swahiliBrian_Scott15th Nov 2008
English / Norwegian for Bosnian - Preferably an exchange partnerplaz27th Nov 2008
HELP IN ARABIC NEEDED - i will teach you Serbian and English in exchange:-)GabrielaTheAngel29th Nov 2008
i can teach u in tagalog - helloneldee_koh042nd Dec 2008
English for Lao or Thai - Know English. Like to learn Lao or Thai.TheFaintx13th Dec 2008
Free registration for language exchange - Free registration for language exchangekristof15th Dec 2008
punjabi,hindi,english for urdu,french,german or anything - teach me anything I will teach what I cansarwara15th Dec 2008
Russian for English - TS22nd Dec 2008
Russian for English or German - Edkiy_Natr28th Dec 2008
Want to learn italian - I can teach you swedish or english in exchange for italiancoop30th Dec 2008
My English/ Intermediate Italian for your Turkish - Ingilizce biliyorum, Türkçe ö?renek istiyorum Ericka31st Dec 2008
My portuguese/english for your albanian - Help!!!!!Illuminata2nd Jan 2009
Russian for English - Demolition_Lover16th Jan 2009
Russian for English or German - Demolition_Lover16th Jan 2009
My American English for your Spanish, or Italian. - hwrdmltn8th Feb 2009
Slovenian - English/German - TinaK8th Feb 2009
Do you want to learn mandarin online? - teach mandarinmonica81813th Feb 2009
my french or english for korean - I want learn a new language : the koreanleeteuk16th Feb 2009
Looking for english or german speakers - can teach you french or italianzag28th Feb 2009
German/Lithuanian to Urdu - Please, teach me somebody Urdu :))emerentiana13th Mar 2009
My English for your Polish?? - i can help you with english if you can help me with polishHannah___2nd Apr 2009
My English for your Turkish - English for turkish rojda-xo7th Jun 2009
Help Translating English to Latin - rambo22257th Jun 2009
English for Polish. - My English for your Polish!sirphreak18th Jun 2009
Turkish->> English - i teach turkish and you teach englishumtssmz1st Jul 2009
language exchange - iqbalaulakh29th Jul 2009
I will help you with your English, I'm hoping somoene can help me learn Serbian - I know *very* little and would greatly appreciate any help.Terrence3132nd Aug 2009
slovak for croatian - slovak, czech (or english or french) for croatianTes4th Aug 2009
My Italian for your English - leone7713th Aug 2009
Russian for English - I\'m learning English, I can teach RussianJulialisa16th Aug 2009
English for Italian - Looking to learn Italian, can teach Englishjeebusroxors27th Aug 2009
my russion from you english - jaras9th Sep 2009
English for your French - My native language is Englishashhxc14th Sep 2009
I need to learn Italian and practice Spanish - Lana8th Oct 2009
Romanian kieli puolesta Suomen kieli - AndreiGabriel11th Nov 2009
Mein Russisch gegen dein Deutsch - viktoria_p12th Nov 2009
English or French for Russian. - amandalynn13th Nov 2009
volunteer abroad for teens - aishia2217th Nov 2009
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