Language Teachers Need To Learn Hindi--to Teach 5 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher With Nes Indian Child

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Saturday 08th of September 2007 03:54:11 AM
Need to learn Hindi--to teach 5 year old: Hi, I'm hoping some one here might be able to direct me to the right location...I'm teaching full day kindergarten to children who scored at the lower end of their Kindergarten Readiness Test in PA. I can speak enough Spanish to get my point across pretty well and to "get by" with Spanish-speaking parents, but I've got a little girl in my class who speaks ONLY Hindi. Parents said she was fluent in English (not), but she knows 3 wordstoilet, drink, and eat. I'm having much difficulty directing her toward tasks or asking her questions because she doesn't understand a thing I'm saying to her. It's frustrating. I can't ask her if she feels sick because she doesn't know what I'm saying, and she threw up on the bus this morning....So...I need some conversational "primary-grade" language:) Thank you for anything you can offer!

Monday 10th of September 2007 11:37:08 PM
Hi there,

Well, I don't speak Hindi at all but...

I could suggest you compile yourself a tiny personalized Hindi phrasebook on all the possible phrases/questions that you could ask her.

Such as
"Are you feeling well/sick?"
"Do you want to call your parents?"
"Can you/Do you know how to...?"

and such, and probably prepare a possible list of answers.

Well, that won't help much in learning the language fully but it will help you climb the language barrier you're facing.

And of course, if you need more help you can access our Hindi discuss here for any help you need. ;) Our Hindi administrator, Jeieit and other Hindi students would be glad to help you out :)

Good luck,

Thursday 09th of July 2009 09:07:14 AM
giving hindi conversation: hello
i understand your problem. I am an indian and speak,write and read english,hindi and punjabi. If you want help to understand hindi i will be there. contact me on skype.ok,bye

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