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Thursday 12th of April 2007 02:47:33 PM
New Word in english: A.L.Ashraf
Teacher of English (OUSL)
T/Al-Aqsha College
Sri Lanka
The Invention of New Word in English Language)“hice” in Number:Noun (Singular Plural)

I am an English teacher who teach at T/Al-Aqsha College Kinniya ,
Sri Lanka
As the result of my Eight years research on grammar and linguistic studies, I was able to invent a new Word in English, That’s. “hice” The Plural form of house, Usually, We write the plural form of house as houses, but , according to my research , we can write like this , House-hice

For instance: A few noun from their plural by changing the inside vowels of the singular as:

Singular Plural men
02.woman women
03.foot feet
04.tooth teeth
05.goose geese

* mouse mice
Louse lice
House houses (hice)
‘ house is “hice” instead of the Old usage of houses ,I have invented this word “ hice “ for the easy usage of English learning people around the world,

The specific reason is that there is no any word or related meaning to hice,
I researched many dictionaries such as Oxford Illustrated Dictionary, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Collins dictionary,
Lifco great English English Tamil Dictionary and Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary,

So, I humbly beg you all to make me an opportunity to share my knowledge of English and expose my invention to other people who are learning English around the world

I kindly expect your comments
Thanks a lot

Friday 13th of April 2007 01:37:57 AM
TOL !!! :p

Friday 13th of April 2007 10:55:53 PM

Don't mean to be rude but why would you want to create a new plural form of 'House' when there's already a simpler version, 'Houses'? ;)

And hice sounds like 'heist' and 'hice' doesn't sound good to me as a native English speaker. :S sorry...

Saturday 14th of April 2007 08:04:35 PM
I see things now!!! :D
Vice is the plural of vouse, nice (forget it is an adjective. Why adjectives can't have plural?) is the plural of nouse and rice is the plural of rouce! :D LOL
But... do you think twice is plural of twouse? LOOOL

Saturday 14th of April 2007 10:37:30 PM
And the singular of ice... is ouse? :p How bad of us...

Anyways, English... erm... NEVER follow its own rules, so there's no real point... sorry ;)

Tuesday 03rd of July 2007 04:18:34 AM
Sorry, but I want to regardly point out that no language is "lets-do-it" thing. I mean you cannot "invent" new things, something is spoken there, agreed with its own rules and no need to change any.

For myself, I rarely remember that mice is plural of mouse. I may use "mouses" and this is understandable by everyone that knows the word "mouse" and the plural suffix "-s". But if I use the pattern that an english teacher from sri lanka has created, and say "hice", it won't be understandable by anyone.

I see that you're trying to create a pattern by saying "if mouse-mice, then let house-hice be". That requires so much changes in the language; c''mon, let's invent some more!

Account - Accuynd
Cow - Cuy
Crow - Cry
Doubt - Dite
Hour - Hire
Scout - Scite
Sound - Sinde

Sorry if I bothered you, but your eight year research has turned into a failure.

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