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LANGUAGE TOOLS - Software, Hardware, Electronic Dictionaries, Mobile devices, etc.AuthorDate
Approaches to learning languages - What is the best approach to learn a foreign language?jeff5th Jun 2004
Pimsleur Approach - (Cassettes/CDs) Is it useful or a scam?Ashlee1st Oct 2004
Parts of Speech - Memory PoemPeter_fra_Oz12th Nov 2004
Rosetta Stone - Is is any good?khalidjihad13th Dec 2004
A great learning/practice tool... Online TV stations - Avaliable in several languagesmorprussell3rd Feb 2005
Free TV Shows Made for Lanugage Learning - Available in Spanish, English, German, and Frenchmorprussell22nd Mar 2005
World Radio Stations on the net - A great listening practise toolLele6th Apr 2005
Urdu Learning Software - Aaliyah6th Apr 2005
Made FREE Language Learning Software - Need poeple to translate and make language packsBENJIMON8th Apr 2005
German and Spanish - How to learn Germantemple_bound23rd Apr 2005
My little proggie - Ready for download :)Mathieu9th May 2005
Freeware Speaking Mandarin-Simplified-Pinyin dicti - A learning toolWsg20th May 2005
Sign Language - Any helpful hints or a teacher?Anya3rd Jun 2005
Emmersion Course - A Free Complete Language Emmersion CourseCaramelicious7th Jun 2005
e-dictionary // electronic dictionary - sixshorty11th Jun 2005
japanese learning - proggie to learn the characterswayko16th Jun 2005
Experience with "Teach Yourself" books by NTC Publishing Group - How well is it?Corey26th Jun 2005
cool lil site - Rawkstah1st Jul 2005
Suggestion - good way to learn languagesDeeran6th Jul 2005
Recordings - HelpCaramelicious11th Jul 2005
Audio CDS - sfean23rd Jul 2005
basic vocabulary - abelklein24th Jul 2005
reverse speech - buskinjoe24th Jul 2005
VoIP for training - krisguy31st Jul 2005
Michel Thomas - replacement disks? - Learn to speak French w/ Michel Thomas - 8hr courseali4111st Aug 2005
Macintosh OS X - Keyboard and Language ResourcesPeter_fra_Oz6th Aug 2005
Question - Which is the best online Language Dictionary?Nikitazonas6th Aug 2005
Sound! - Do I need a particular media player?sweetjustice5008th Aug 2005
Ebooks - Where?Caramelicious13th Aug 2005
Has anyone from the UK tried Pimsleur? - Former_Member2nd Sep 2005
Super-Memo - Memory & learning softwarelindsay2nd Sep 2005
free dictionaries - Site with free interactive dictionariesel_tigre29th Sep 2005
audio tapes - hindi lessons Pimsleurfijiavi3rd Oct 2005
amazing sites to have free ebooks - leobloom3rd Oct 2005
Learning Vocabulary - A book for learningRawkstah9th Oct 2005
Language learning resources - free software and ebooks for learning language, for translators and linguistst-moor20th Oct 2005
German Language Resources - Can someone recommend me websites which will be helpfulr for me about improving my german?Osman1st Nov 2005
Flash-cards site - Ready made flash-cards for numerous languageslorelai20th Nov 2005
Help: How to install Japanese writing? - Help appreciatedAlkrasnov1822nd Nov 2005
the 'Teach Yourself' series - Good? Bad? your opinions...alowyn26th Nov 2005
latvian function keys - robsee3rd Dec 2005
about sleep learning - bollaboy11th Dec 2005
Quizzes - jvz8a17th Dec 2005
Free Dictionary and Software - Visitor19th Dec 2005
31 Languages of the World - Language Programcdogge200925th Dec 2005
Bulgarian - Best tools (books/CDs) to learn Bulgarianfocus2228th Dec 2005
Learning Asian Languages - Are there any free Asian language software downloads for complete language vocabulary?Cowboy1590229th Dec 2005
Dialang free software - To have comlete testing of your foreign lang proficiencyleobloom15th Jan 2006
Films - Reccomend any films?Rag21st Jan 2006
Satellite Radios - Learning with radio broadcasts.Rag22nd Feb 2006
Language Learning Books - Audio Visual Books in Many LanguagesGoran4th Mar 2006
Divx - What does this mean?Caramelicious5th Mar 2006
Rosetta running on MAC? - How to get Rosetta Sonte to read PC CD on MACpattyjamas29th Mar 2006
Children\'s book exchange - Let\'s give each other a hand!ScottM7th Apr 2006
Learn useful expressions in 15 languages - Goran12th Apr 2006
to learn arabic - trygiulia_sweet21st Apr 2006
Flashcard creator freeware - very useful to me =o)leobloom24th Apr 2006
E-translators - the more you say, the betterjeff31st Jul 2006
Language ressources - aurora8124th Aug 2006
Language discusss - aurora8124th Aug 2006
Verb conjugations - I found a good site for conjugating verbs! :)Tiger27th Aug 2006
Hear it spoken! - This lets you hear it be spoken!Tiger1st Sep 2006
Check this out - :Dmat_kr19th Sep 2006
Swahili textbook + Audio Material? - Any recommendation?Dolores8th Oct 2006
How to Read a Garbled PM! - If you cannot read what someone wrote you in a PM, try this!Anya9th Oct 2006
Czech or Slovak language books/resources - things you\'ve found usefulNightcap17th Oct 2006
Free online translator - Free online translatorarmujook22nd Oct 2006
Asian Characters - How to input?Tiger31st Oct 2006
Learn some basic vocabulary in these languages - Goran18th Nov 2006
excellent site for conjugations! - found an excellent site for conjugating verbsjacksparrow5th Dec 2006
Spell-checking feature for Firefox users - Goran4th Jan 2007
Tagalog Sleep Learning Program (Any Dutch?) - Tagalog Sleep Learning Course works for me, any learn Dutch program like it?Wonderdog4th Mar 2007
Let\'s learn foreign language together - Pasi15th Mar 2007
torrents ??? - Kiril25th Mar 2007
Free Online Graphic Editors - Peter_fra_Oz12th Apr 2007
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