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LINGUISTICS AND LANGUAGE TOOLS - Technical discussions of languages and language tools - grammar, phonetics, etc.AuthorDate
Glottal stop - What is it exactly?jvz8a29th Apr 2005
IPA - International Phonetics AlphabetUlven25th May 2005
LANGUAGE OR DIALECT: - What's the difference?senator1626th May 2005
Synesthesia and Languages - Development of languages possibly through synthesiajeff30th Nov 2005
word order variations in SOV languages - detbarn17th Dec 2005
_ - detbarn31st Dec 2005
which languages can have a correct "very not"? - detbarn6th Jan 2006
word order of genitives? - Which languages can have both?detbarn8th Jan 2006
Glossary of linguistics term - free and completeleobloom29th Jan 2006
Languages and their peculiarities - Goran3rd Feb 2006
ILLOGICAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LANGUAGES - singularity - pluralityTemplar7th May 2006
alphabets and scripts - diacritic alphabetstsahyalakum17th May 2006
Welcome - Joe1st Nov 2006
Some on sounds - jvz8a3rd Nov 2006
Great link to grammars in PDF - Arteum3rd Nov 2006
Linguistics in the ancient times - Arteum4th Nov 2006
Unrelated languages with similar lexicon - Arteum6th Nov 2006
Perception of words - Branco9th Nov 2006
Distribution/Development of Languages - A question from some of my readingsJoe24th Nov 2006
International Conference on Foreign Language Education - check if you are interested in languages & linguisticsOsman28th Nov 2006
Labiodental stops - A phonetics questionArteum29th Nov 2006
New Source for Linguistics and Languages!! - *edited*Osman30th Dec 2006
Emphatic Article - What is it?Danial10th Mar 2007
Australian - english but Australian mate.mayor12th May 2007
My Review of Nicholas Ostler\'s Empires of the Word: A Language History of th - Joe told me I should do a full scale review hereBCS17th Jun 2007
International keyboard mac - BCS23rd Jun 2007
New languages - Easy languagecroatian627th Jul 2007
New languages - Easy languagecroatian627th Jul 2007
Want to learn basics of linguistics - can u help?Anonymous6th Aug 2007
Pronunciation - Better ways to teach pronunciationelbe4th Sep 2007
I Need Help - Learn Me SwedishFormer_Member21st Sep 2007
MA Linguistics online - Anyone did this?deadpoet923rd Sep 2007
Italian avere for age - Do I need to repeat the verbdrusso25th Oct 2007
condizionale - Maddie23rd Jan 2009
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