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Monday 21st of July 2008 07:40:17 AM
Knowing Japanese kanji then learning Mandarin: First I thought "Nah, I like my Japanese better"
Then I thought "Mandarin is very interesting, but I wouldn't learn it.
Now I think "You know what, I'd like to learn Mandarin."

Since I already know the 1945 Joyo Japanese characters you need to know, I have a good base knowledge of characters. What I'm wanting to know is how many of the Japanese characters sync up with the 3000(?) or so Chinese characters you'd need to know to be literate. Would it be a simple learn another thousand or so?
*Not that I assume the characters will be exactly the same, Japan and China simplified characters differently, I think*

Thursday 24th of July 2008 02:57:13 AM
Hey Alex,

In my opinion some are the same but some are completely different. Also you'll notice that because China simplified their characters. Japanese kanji look a lot more like traditional Chinese. All I have to say is good luck because Mandarin is hard.


Thursday 24th of July 2008 05:07:12 AM
lol Nice way of putting it, Kenny. :p Mandarin is hard. :p

Good luck, alyks. ;)

Monday 18th of August 2008 07:40:51 AM
I went back and forth between Japanese and Mandarin originally as well. Since I take Mandarin at school, we have set characters that we learn each day. So I make sure to always learn the corresponding kanji (and it's pronunciation) at the same time that I learn the simplified characters. I think you might as well learn those extra characters, but you'll also have to re-learn a lot of the necessary joyo character's simplified equivalents because they aren't the same. I disagree with Tiger and Kenny; Mandarin is much easier than Japanese simply because it is so similar to English grammar and sentance structure. Good luck in whatever you choose to do!

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