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Friday 13th of July 2007 10:51:06 AM
MRI/EEG: Ya so i have to get one of each and I was just wondering what they were like. Please tell me... I'm scared.

Monday 16th of July 2007 08:37:39 PM
What happened to you?
I don't know about mri, but i suffered a concussion 5 months ago (playing soccer, lol) and I needed to take eeg test..
They lubricated my head with some gel, then connected it with some wires and pc,
while i was lying on the bed for like 5 minutes, and I didn't feel a thing :)
but i payed 2 bucks ;P


Tuesday 17th of July 2007 06:35:41 AM
My kids have had both done, multiple times. For kids, they can be kind of traumatic, as they don't know what's happing to them.

Neither test really all that bad to go through. The EEG is like pitz described, although the ones my kids have had have lasted more than 5 minutes. Theirs were more like 45 minutes each. You won't feel anything except the cool gel.

The MRIs aren't too bad either, but some people can get a little claustrophobic, as the machine is a tube-like structure. Some newer facilities will have an "open" MRI, which isn't as enclosed, to allay the claustrophobia some people get. You'll have to ask your hospital or clinic which type they have. If you feel uncomfortable, they can stop the test if need be.

Be sure to go over everything with your physician, and make sure you tell them your concerns. They are there to help you, and should try to make you as comfortable as possible.

Hopefully you'll get some other responses here, or you can always PM me if you have questions, I'll help with what I know.

Hope everything goes well for you...

Saturday 21st of July 2007 08:53:28 PM
Well I've had EKG's before which is about the same process. As Joe said, there's no pain involved so there's nothing to worry about. The machines will monitor the electric activity in your brain (or your heart if its an EKG) to detect tumors or any cranial disorders.

Tuesday 24th of July 2007 08:50:02 PM
thanks ya'll... ya my doc. gave me a perscription for valium to take right before the MRI just in case... he said that the open MRI doesnt have very good resolution so it's basically a waist of time... but I get my MRI this thurs. and my EEG is in Aug. so wish me luck...
Pitz... I've been getting headaches where I shake and feel weak afterwards so the Doc.'s said it was either migrains or it could be siezures... if it is mirgrains they are REALLY abnormal (i dont have the usual symptoms of migrains) but i guess we'll find out soon...

Thanks again EVERYONE. BUH BYE

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