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Friday 10th of February 2006 06:46:24 PM
Accents from around the world: I found this site which provides audio samples of people from around the world reading various materials (in English). You can select the region you want to listen to, and most of the areas have multiple samples. I thought it was interesting, and maybe someone else here will think so too. I guess I just have a thing for accents. Anyway, here is the site if anyone is interested.


By the way, if anyone finds a site similar to this, but with other languages being spoken, I would love to know about it. Thanks.

I love the Nigerian accent! It is so beautiful.

Friday 10th of February 2006 08:43:37 PM
Very good, funny and interesting site :D

I didn't listen to all recordings, actually i listened three of them, but i can tell you, that the Swedish one, was very funny (the accent).

Sunday 12th of February 2006 06:04:08 AM
The Swedish accent, after she is done reading the fairytale, is very smiliar to the Norwegian one. Our accent is worse though, since the Norwegian r`s are like the Spanish ones :p

Wednesday 15th of February 2006 09:28:29 AM
Oo,I listened to some of the English and Scottish accents..Very interesting-it made me miss England even more *cries a bit*
I've been trying to figure out what kinda dialect I speak(if I do,that is:D),and I think mine sounds a bit like the Newcastle one..Well,you can tell me when you've listened to my audio's-When I can get that stupid Geocities thingy to work!!
Cheers y'all:p

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