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Thursday 13th of November 2008 08:43:20 AM
Christmas Decorations in November??: It's only the 13th of November and already Christmas decorations are everywhere, here at least. They started going up about two weeks ago and I personally think it is far too early to be thinking about Christmas. Today in Farmers, one of New Zealand's major department stores, they were having Christmas sales and Christmas songs were playing on the radio! The store was covered in Christmas decorations and I couldn't help wondering why? But then it clicked.

It seems that Christmas has lost its meaning entirely. It's totally commercialised and the shops are only worried about making a quick buck as early as they can.

I would like to know what you all think.
-What is Christmas like where you live? How do you celebrate it?
-What does Christmas mean to you?
-How early do the shops start to put up decorations and have sales?
-Is it as commercialised as here?

Wednesday 19th of November 2008 02:18:39 AM
No one interested? Haha maybe I'm just a cynic.

Sunday 23rd of November 2008 12:07:15 PM
In my country, Christmas starts right when the "ber" months begin. So by September first, you can already hear Christmas songs at the malls, the radio, and other comercial establishments.

Some houses also start decorating as early as September but the Christmas lights come full blast from November onwards.

Traffic is terrible. People from the provinces come to Manila to join the shopping rush, Christmas bazaars are everywhere and relatives from abroad come home for a family get together.

Children sing their carols on the streets as early as November too! Even the aborigines from the uplands come down to Manila to carol.

It is such a long celebration here, since it stretches up to the New Year, and sometimes even beyond. In some provinces, they celebrate Christmas up until February 2nd.

Monday 24th of November 2008 03:36:10 AM
Wow, that is a long celebration! It sounds really festive and fun, except for the traffic! :D It also seems very family orientated and traditional, especially with people coming to Manila to sing Christmas carols. No one does that here; I've only ever seen it on TV.

It's interesting that Christmas is celebrated up until February 2nd. It's often considered really bad luck here to have any Christmas decorations up after New Year.

Monday 24th of November 2008 03:48:06 AM
:D It is festive, but I don't like the fireworks. It's extremely polluted here on Christmas and New Year's Eves. The skies turn black from pyrotechnics. Some even fire their guns and there have been instances that people were hit by stray bullets.

As for me, I always run to the province (either beach or farm) during the Christmas holidays. It's more peaceful there. No fireworks, but the beauty of the fireflies is beyond description.

Tuesday 25th of November 2008 04:38:21 AM
In the U.S. Christmas is very commercialized but personally I don't like to fret about it. I think that what you personally think of Christmas plays a big part in how you perceive it. I love Christmas. It always makes me happy. It's not just about the presents. Christmas was originally a religious family holiday and if its really your goal to have a more traditional Christmas then take it upon yourself to make it happen.

The first Christmas thing that really happens is the annual Christmas Parade in my town. It happens during the first week of December and I always have fun wether I'm watching it or in it like last year. At the end of it there's always fireworks over one of our lakes and it basically gets me excited for the holidays.

After Thanksgiving, my family decorates our entire house inside and out with lights and decorations. We put up our stockings and a Christmas tree in our living room and decorate it every year while listening to Christmas carols and we usually bake something like gingerbread men or cookies. On Christmas Eve we have a delicious dinner usually a ham or chicken with lots of other good stuff. Also on Christmas Eve we open one of our presents. We also play a game where we wrap a present (usually food or something any of us might like) many many times. Then we sit in a circle taking turns trying to unwrap it while we have mittens or socks on our hands. Whoever unwraps it gets it. Finally at night we either watch a Christmasy movie or just relax enjoying our holiday. On Christmas morning we all have a nice breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, ham, etc. while we look to see what we have in our stockings. Finally we open all of our presents and enjoy the day. Some years we go caroling or visit family up north. When we go up north I finally get to see snow and we make snowmen and have snowball fights. I really enjoy seeing my family at Christmas. I know some people don't like visiting family buy mine is interesting enough that I don't mind. And the last thing we sometimes do around Christmas is find a new thing to try like trying to find a present in the tree or that one thing I forget what it's called that Spaniards do on Three Kings Day.

To answer your other questions Christmas decorations begin going up in mid November. But personally my family doesn't start celebrating it until after Thanksgiving like most Americans. Yes Christmas is commercialized but in the end its a good thing because America's economy stinks right now and we need something to give it a boost. ;)

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