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Thursday 09th of August 2007 09:37:43 PM
Foreign language music: I haven't heard of many foreign bands singing in their native language, being from an English-speaking country ¬_¬
I like Tokio Hotel, Rammstein and The Gipsy Kings.
What do you like? Can you recommend anything else for me to listen to? lol

Thursday 09th of August 2007 10:15:52 PM
Arabic - Guitara (Moroccan)

Japanese - Every Little Thing (E.L.T.)

Spanish - Calle Trece (Puerto Rican), Aventura (Dominican), Monchy Y Alexandra (Dominican duo)

If you're looking for people who are not necessarily in bands, I also recommend:
Arabic - Amr Diab (Egyptian), Najwa Karam (Lebanese), Ruwaished (Emirati), Nancy Ajram (Lebanese)
Korean - Boa, Se7en, Bi (Rain)
Spanish - Frankie J (Mexican), Juanes (Colombian)

Thursday 09th of August 2007 10:26:57 PM
Ah, Tokio Hotel :p my favourite german band although yeah the lead singer is a bit erm... well lol you know, their music still rocks to me. :p (Hah, it's all Mery's fault for posting Rette Mich!!! :D :D :D heh, thanks to them I'm learning German to understand their songs). Rammstein is pretty cool though I'm not really into metal. eek.

Hmm... French, I can't find any good French rock bands! Though Celine Dion is good, as well as Garou.

Chinese, there's Jay Chou and some other person I can't remember lol.

Malay, there's Siti Nurhaliza and probably some other bands too like Amok.

Italian, there's Finley. lol

Oh, and Indonesian, look for the song Jujur by Radja.

Friday 10th of August 2007 12:27:17 AM
Tokio Hotel? Kiddies band, although some of their music is ok :D:D:p

hmm, some good stuff, although if you like Rammstein/Tokio Hotel not sure if it would be to your taste, but I like it anyways :D

French: Alizee, In-Grid, Celine Dion

German: Rosenstolz, Silbermond, Christina Stürmer, Xavier Naidoo

Russian: ??? ???, ????, ????, ??????? (Via Gra, Tatu, Mara, Zemfira)

Romanian: 3rei Sud Est, DJ Project, Simplu, O-zone

Friday 10th of August 2007 12:47:37 AM
Originally posted by frogg018

Tokio Hotel? Kiddies band, although some of their music is ok :D:D:p

Genau! :p obwohl einige Leute sagen, dass sie scheisse sind :p but I'm no native (A) lalala it's just their music that's nice lol

Friday 10th of August 2007 01:36:34 AM
Tokio Hotel's not bad but I like Rammstein better. I like their song Moskau, with Viktoria Fersh.

Chinese - LMF, Silver Ash
French - Edith Piaf (I was forced to listen to her when I was really young as "intro into my culture" :p But she's not bad)
Icelandic - Björk, Mugison and some others
Irish - Cruachan
Japanese - Dir En Grey, Malice Mizer, Alice Nine, Baroque, Girl, Moi Dix Mois
Korean - Witches, BoA
Russian - ????
Spanish - Shakira

hmm some of these people aren't even together anymore... Oh yea, if you like more...folksy(?) music then try Gjallarhorn.

Saturday 11th of August 2007 04:25:08 AM
Rammstein: German= Rammstein Rules!

Saturday 11th of August 2007 05:09:15 AM
I bet you have not heard of Estonian music:
Karavan-old band, music reminds of Japanese cartoon to some.
Tanel Padar& The Sun-style of rock
Liisi Koikson-calm, peaceful songs.
Cool D- hip-hop, often uses uncensored words.
Smilers-with Finnish influences, famous everyday music.
Ines-Took part in Eurovision song contest.
Rebecca-I like the song "Have you ever".
Arvo Pärt-most famous composer, classical music.
Olav Ehala-composer, I adore his soundtrack music for good Estonian movies, especially for children movies.
A lot, lot more.

Saturday 11th of August 2007 05:30:56 PM
Norwegian: Kaizers Orchestra, Raga Rockers, Skambankt, Jokke & Valentinerne, Delillos, Ravi, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon,
Swedish: Bobhund, Bo Caspers orkester, Basshunter

Hm all I can think off that is not too old and outdated...

Sunday 12th of August 2007 11:19:39 AM
My favorite foreign language bands would have to beeeee
Mana (Spanish)
Satyricon, Mayhem, Windir, Ulver, Dimmu Borgir (Norwegian..in some songs)
Dark Funeral, Shining (Swedish)
Rammstein, Oomph! (German)

Monday 13th of August 2007 08:22:05 PM
I like Enigma - a German band I believe
Afshin - an Iranian singer residing in the US
Anna Vissi - a Greek singer, best song is Treno in m humble opinion.
Euridiki & Korgialas - Greek singers

Monday 13th of August 2007 08:54:38 PM
foreign music, songs links: Hi guys
it's really nice talking about music & songs in different languages
I', gonna ask u a favour
Can I have some links of (spanish,Italian,Turkish,English,German,Iranian) music & links of songs that talk about life
in these languages or any other languages

Monday 27th of August 2007 05:24:15 AM
Finland has a lot of great bands but to get a good feel for Finnish music in a more traditional way, Värttinä is the way to go.

I've also been listening to a Hungarian band called Nox which is traditional crossed with modern, if I can describe it that way :p

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