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Thursday 29th of May 2008 09:24:17 AM
Group Study: So I've been gone for a long time. A real long time but I'm back! :)

Anyway I noticed that things on Phrasebase are really slow and I mean slow. No one seems to come on anymore and if they do its one or two and they diddle dee dee around not doing much. So I propose that we set up study groups for language learning. For instance in this thread we can set up times for large groups of people to log on and help each other learn the language. Each time the group meets they cover one topic learn some new words and everyone can ask questions. In this way questions can be answered immediately and in many different ways so that you definitely understand. Also this allows us to see how many people are learning what and perhaps get phrasebase "jumpin'" again. :)

So I will start by asking people to sign ups for group study for Italian, Romanian, and Japanese I will also work on setting up group study threads in the individual forums. If you would like to sign up for these language groups please post below the language group you want to join, a time that is good for you, and your time zone.

Note:- Anyone can start sign ups in this thread to create a group for their language here in this thread. They are in charge of that group and should set up times to meet. Please do not make a group for a language that already has one. I strongly urge people to join their native languages group even if they only occasionally help.

Questions? Comments? Want to help?

Thursday 29th of May 2008 11:32:23 AM
I like your idea. I'd just like to add that the classroom is ready to be used. If you are in PB as a teacher, you can schedule classes *[url=http://www.phrasebase.com/english/classroom/classroom_schedule.php]HERE*. If you are a student, it is a good idea to check there if any teacher is offering classes.
If there are no teachers available, study groups sound like a good idea.

Welcome back, by the way!

Thursday 29th of May 2008 05:31:55 PM
Thanks Javier, I wanted to start these because you can't always find a specific class for your language etc. Study Groups were just meant to be a fun way for everyone to learn together and to get Phrasebase back to its old self.

Friday 30th of May 2008 12:25:38 PM
I think a study group that focused on translating a document (a song is an especially good idea, perhaps one we could all listen to on youtube, etc.) would be helpful for everyone, and a great way to work together. Even with minimal knowledge of a language, with enough people things start to make sense.

Thursday 05th of June 2008 01:48:48 AM
Haha, welcome back :P

Well, there is a French group though... everyone's all over the place. And busy too, but whenever we have time we meet every weekend for a Skype conversation session.

German students from the German fora have sorta disappeared although I love them so much, including our lovely German teacher Petra.

And the Serbian group, I still keep in touch with some of them, but they are super busy lately.

As for me, I'd love to join any language group that is active (even if I haven't attempted that language before). :D I'm sure we'd be able to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.

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