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Friday 23rd of November 2007 08:53:12 PM
How to learn foreign language?: This is a question "how to learn a new foreign language?" or where to learn?... i mean which will be more efficient...

1. Go to language school and learn with professional teacher (in your country)

2. Go to language school and learn with professional teacher (in target country - english in england, spanish in spain, etc.)

3. learn with some multimedia (software, CD, radio/TV or books, etc.)

4. just find a friend for language exchange and practice with him/her ...

5. maybe there is other ways to learn foreign languages (please write your ideas).

Please give your opinion and reason why it is the best way....

Thank you.

Monday 26th of November 2007 03:55:46 AM
My personal opinion is that option 2 would probably be most effective. That way, you would be totally immersed in your target language. The more you hear it and are forced to use it, the quicker you would improve, I think.

Monday 26th of November 2007 11:11:45 AM
I agree with Scott. Of course different people learn in different ways, for instance I can read something over and over and not remember it, but if I use it once, it will stick forever. For that reason, the best way for me to learn is to land right in the middle of a country and *have to* communicate. That is the fastest, most easy way to learn useful language (unless you land in a country and end up in jail for a learning location, then it would not be ;)).

If not able to afford either 1 or 2, I would recommend podcasts, pre-recorded audio of your target language. Walk around hearing these phrases and repeat them after the speakers. This brings it as close to conversing as you can get without a native speaker around.

Bottom line, practice, practice, practice!

Monday 26th of November 2007 08:45:26 PM
Songs! :)

My two most successful foreign languages are French and German, because I have songs by different artists in these languages. By listening to their songs and translating their lyrics I've been able to sort of learn the language passively. Not only that, but I get to perfect my pronunciation through these songs by singing along (albeit horribly lol)

However, I had to chat with my online friends in order to apply what I've learnt in these songs. Hence, voilĂ !

Personally, I dislike taking classes for languages because they focus too much on grammar and probably vocabulary that you won't use in daily life. Not only that, but it's expensive too.

And since I've been learning basics of a lot of language, I practically learn to know which words/phrases are important, and which aren't. (such as: car, how much, food and those not so important ones such as: frog, monkey, electromagnetism)

Lately, I've been wanting to take the Certification exams for French and German to prove my competence in these two languages, but it costs money lol so I'll have to wait I guess.

That's my story! :)

Wednesday 05th of December 2007 10:18:10 PM
You might not necessarily "have to" go to another country and learn the languagethe important thing is that you are submerged in the culture and surrounded by (friendly) native speakers. But it really depends on the person.
My Japanese was born an raised in Japan but she speaks English like a nativeshe's lived here in the US for 2 years, she understands the language well, and she hasn't had a foreign accent at all since she started living here. You could live in a foreign country and still have a hard time understanding people too :p But again, it depends on the person.

Sunday 16th of December 2007 09:06:39 PM
My first 3 foreign languages I learned when I was still a child and then it was of course enough to have lessons at school and hearing them in TV. But for example Dutch I have studied as a grown up and then was the mix of those methods that helped. First I studied Dutch for two years at my University in my country, then couple of years on my own and finally by being in Holland for a longer time. I really feel that all of them have been useful ;)

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