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Saturday 15th of September 2007 01:15:37 PM
I need to improve my english: Hi I am female, 22, from the USA. English is my native language, but I am not very good at grammar or spelling. I have wanted to improve this for awhile. I was homeschooled, and got behind, due to a disorder, not a learning disorder, it was obsessive compulsive disorder. It held me back in many areas of my life, including education. I am recently better from my disorder, and am finally trying to make my dreams come true. I need better technical english to do this. I did study for, and took the GED about a year ago, and passed on everything, including english, but the standard is not very high, and I would like to become a certified TEFL teacher, which means I need impeccable english. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way for me to improve my proficiency in english. This is a dream of mine, and I know I will have to work hard, to improve enouph to pass the TEFL course. I would appriciate so much! any suggestions from anyone.

Thank you so much!

Saturday 15th of September 2007 07:53:23 PM
Dear glorybear,

First of all good for you pursuing your dreams. Second my suggestion is that there are many websites out there that teach English grammar. Just go to google and search for "learn English grammar". Also I'm sure you can find a teacher on here but I wouldn't suggest me because I'm in 9th grade and still need to learn a bit more English. :)

I hope this helped,


Tuesday 18th of September 2007 04:47:33 AM
Thank you very much!: Thanks Kenny, you helped a lot, and you are very sweet. Be well and good luck in school! :) I have a feeling you do not need luck though. ;)

Monday 12th of November 2007 05:13:42 AM
Improve English: Hi!
I am a Haitian immigrant who graduated two years ago from college with a teaching degree. I have some suggestions that I hope will help. My first is read, read, read. I have found that the more I read the more my vocabulary improves. I encounter new words and when I don't understand a word I look it up. I find every opportunity to read something. I found that I have gained a little bit of knowledge about many things.

Another suggestion is write. Write in a journal each day. It will give you the opportunity to use the words that you are learning. Make learning a lifetime subject. If there is something you want to learn, go to the library it's free. Sometimes people don't realize that there are many hours wasted each day with television and so on that could be used more wisely. As you can see I'm a teacher.

I would like to congratulate you on getting your GED and good luck in your future. If you decide to continue with your studies there are some colleges that offer preliminary courses to help you improve, maybe a community college might help with this. I know that a relative of mine who went for nursing went this route and now she is a certified nurse. Good luck to you.

Monday 12th of November 2007 09:13:51 AM
This is a very small thing, but try not to have so many commas when you write. If you hadn't mentioned that you were from the United States, I would have guessed you were German or something from the number of commas in your post. For example, the second comma below is unnecessary.

"This is a dream of mine, and I know I will have to work hard, to improve enouph to pass the TEFL course."

Wednesday 14th of November 2007 11:22:24 AM
Thank you very much!: Thank you so much Dedette. Your suggestions were great! I will try them. Thank you about my G.E.D. As you see, I am going by another username right now, because I have had some on-going difficulties with Phrase Base and my computer. I am not sure when you wrote this. I am sorry if I was late to respond. It is due to my computer trouble. I will look into the college thing and try your other suggestions as well. Thanks again! You were so helpful.

be well and take care!

Wednesday 14th of November 2007 11:27:07 AM
Thanks!: Thank you as well Elindomiel. I will try to reduce this habit. I am currently studying an english book and I think as I learn more about the technical rules of the comma, I will improve this. I hear that one of the most commmon english mistakes, is overuse of commas. Thanks for the tip!
It was so kind of you.

Take care! Have a beutiful day!

Wednesday 14th of November 2007 11:11:32 PM
Dear Gina :)

My mother tongue is not English, but even I can see that you write and spell very well! I am sure you will reach your goal! *hugs*

As others have said, reading helps a lot! and you will find a LOT of resources online. Search for "grammar" or "english grammar"..or search for resources for TOEFL and similar tests. You will find everything you need! If you`d like more personal feedback, I`d suggest that you signed up for an advanced course of English where you live (for foreigners). Foreigners know more grammar than natives in many cases, and I am sure it would be of great help.

My mother tongue is Norwegian, it hardly has any grammar, but even I struggle! We are not used to think about our own languages as a system of grammar. It is perfectly normal :)

Good luck!

And have a beautiful day as well :)

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