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MISCELLANEOUS - Various On- and Off-Topic posts: Get to know other members here!AuthorDate
Photo Album - PhraseBase MembersAnya29th Nov 2004
Bad Jokes - Post them here - in ANY languageJoe3rd Jun 2005
Unusual awards! - Who will you give your award to?Marta11th Jun 2005
Know your languages - multilingual game!Laydee1st Oct 2005
Accents from around the world - Link to sound clipsDruhim_Vanashta10th Feb 2006
Wishful Thinking (Season 2) - express your wishes, celebrate members\' and your lovers\' birthdays!Osman31st Mar 2006
Our favourite songs (video clips and lyrics) - Multilingual songsGoran8th Jul 2006
How much were you taught about YOUR language? - squeak8th Jul 2006
Language Administrators - Who are they?Mery23rd Sep 2006
Videos making your day! - share the funny videos you\'ve encountered!Osman4th Nov 2006
Can\'t believe! - i still can not believe this!!Osman20th Jan 2007
What\'s On Your Playlist Now? - Your Top 10 ChoicesDanial15th Mar 2007
Phrasebase Wikipedia - BCS20th May 2007
Building the PhraseBase Members\'s Library - multilingua25th Jun 2007
Live Earth - Danial8th Jul 2007
TRAGIC! TRAGIC! - why this world is so unfair!!! I need your all advices! please help me!gzqgzq10th Jul 2007
What language is this? - And what does it mean?Anonymous11th Jul 2007
Harry Potter - Any one else disappointed in the movie?Rexy12th Jul 2007
MRI/EEG - anyone ever have either one?Rexy13th Jul 2007
Coast lines - martingale13th Jul 2007
Snail mail - Anonymous16th Jul 2007
Learning Languages Is Feminine? - FaWzY21st Jul 2007
The Phrasebase Podcast - 10 episodes (bi-)weekly series, with 10 different people all around the world.Danial21st Jul 2007
HIGH SCHOOL - how is it organised in your country?roberto_it1st Aug 2007
Question for non English natives! - Do you prefer American slang or Brittish slang?Dominick_Korshanyenko1st Aug 2007
Profile pictures - You or something/someone else?_ie5th Aug 2007
Ocean Girl - Who remembers this show?hamid189th Aug 2007
Foreign language music - What are your favourite foreign language bands?pumpkinheart9th Aug 2007
Definition of Fluency - gryphonastar9th Sep 2007
Using Movies to Learn a Language. - WIth a little concentrated effort, this has really started to work for me.American_Athlete12th Sep 2007
I need to improve my english - A lot!glorybear215th Sep 2007
Hey. - I\'m looking for a language to learn that doesn\'t require hearing it.Huffman9217th Sep 2007
A list of films we\'ve seen in a language that is not our native one. - Huffman9218th Sep 2007
Tips on travel safety - travelglorybear218th Sep 2007
Japanese speakers? - pumpkinheart23rd Sep 2007
Have you ever made an embarrassing mistake while speaking a foreign language? - pumpkinheart23rd Sep 2007
looking for stargate fans around the world! - looking to see how far and popular my favorite show isreachingout2others2nd Oct 2007
How do you make a link? - Help!Dominick_Korshanyenko3rd Oct 2007
Does anyone recognize this? - Help!infarmfamily4th Oct 2007
Pali - Huffman924th Oct 2007
Prices in your country - Avaldi10th Oct 2007
can someone tell me what this means plz?? - a text of a guy at worktrouble2816th Oct 2007
MOAB and FOAB - Can someone explain this a bit?hamid1823rd Oct 2007
Rest In Peace - Our Beloved Chelle and DayethUlven24th Oct 2007
First English Word - Dominick_Korshanyenko25th Oct 2007
I am trying to find mayor - winterland229th Oct 2007
Happy Halloween! - Dominick_Korshanyenko1st Nov 2007
Help for my thesis - looking for help (enquiry) for my thesisaurengland15th Nov 2007
How to learn foreign language? - Georgian23rd Nov 2007
The Phrasies 2007 - The Phrasebase AwardsDominick_Korshanyenko4th Dec 2007
Who dares? - A dareAnonymous11th Dec 2007
Translation mistakes - E.g.: packaging of imported productsMery12th Dec 2007
Typos, typos, typos - Typos that you find either on the Internet or anywhereDanial13th Dec 2007
Asian Idol 2007 - Danial16th Dec 2007
Are there any Terry Pratchett fans? - quotesvan4eto16th Dec 2007
relaxed intellectual discuss - relaxed intellectual discussAnonymous17th Dec 2007
manuscript of Voinich - Dosmaritos18th Dec 2007
Language-Related Activities - for a couple of activities which will be held by my department!Osman26th Dec 2007
what purpose to learn a foreign language? - expecting!forest29th Dec 2007
What language is this? - and what does this mean? ThanksAnonymous11th Jan 2008
What's a good name for a coffee shop? - Anonymous17th Jan 2008
Discussion Tricks! - How in the world...?Dominick_Korshanyenko27th Jan 2008
Tourism in your country - A problem or easy money?Avaldi29th Jan 2008
Prose and Languages - Languages of Literature StudyDominick_Korshanyenko30th Jan 2008
Sexual orientation - Should govertments from around the world allow gays?Avaldi31st Jan 2008
Carnival - Do you celebrate it?Avaldi1st Feb 2008
Favourite saying - mayor5th Feb 2008
Phrasebase Song Contest 2008 - Every one can participate!Sandra1st Mar 2008
Article. - I am doing an article for Teen Scene Magazine.thething9125th Mar 2008
Tests of Proficiency in your country - Avaldi10th Apr 2008
Famous songs. - thething91211th Apr 2008
Whooops - mayor20th Apr 2008
new amazing photo :o)) - Anonymous21st Apr 2008
Eurovision 2008 - Who's going to watch it?Mery17th May 2008
music - cynthia29th May 2008
Group Study - Dominick_Korshanyenko29th May 2008
Articles - Dosmaritos27th Jun 2008
Language Settings - mattie27th Jun 2008
Language extiction - the world is losing some languagesNathan_V30th Jun 2008
Amsterdam - PB meetingMery1st Jul 2008
Just a thought - thanksAnonymous8th Jul 2008
Christmas Decorations in November?? - mattie13th Nov 2008
Swedish-speaking Tiamat fans! - Help me!pumpkinheart25th Nov 2008
Do you know a language... - Dosmaritos1st Dec 2008
Do you recognize these songs??? - el_tigre9th Dec 2008
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