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Wednesday 26th of December 2007 06:16:51 AM
Language-Related Activities: Hi everybody!

Firstly, I want to thank you for reading this post. It is about a series of activities which will be organized by my department at university (Department of English Language Teaching). I am among the Organization Committe members and would really love to hear your recommendations and ideas about a program like this.

Some ideas;

- Football (Soccer), Basketball, Table Tennis and Chess Tournaments

- ELT Night for english language teachers and future teachers of english (students of ELT department)

- Mini-concert by department students

- A famous academician meets with students.

- Fun stuff

- Language related movie shows

We think of having special t-shirts for that week.

What can else we do? If you share language related activities that come to your mind, i would be very happy. You can get inspiration from an activity you attended or organized at your school or community.

Thank you very much for thinking and sharing your ideas with me.

Wednesday 26th of December 2007 10:15:19 AM
Along the lines of a mini-concert, how about just a music night. Folks can bring examples of their favorite music, and everyone can discuss the lyrics.

Is it just English, since it's the Dept of English Language Teaching, or any language that can be covered in the activities?

So nice seeing you back Osman... we missed you! :)

Thursday 27th of December 2007 03:53:42 PM
Thanks Joe, I missed you all a lot. I am sorry that our roads didn't cross in US! :( But someday it will happen ;)

Well, thanks for the idea. It sounds cool indeed. Any language can be covered, Joe. I thought of something like 'Language Café' (There is a project by European Union and a Turkish University had practiced that.) Every language has its own table and people help each other. If you know Spanish, you got to stand in your desk and you have flags of speaking countries, some motives from that country. For example, if you are in Spanish stand, you may play Spanish music, show bulls, or and image showing a couple dancing tango! So, the important thing is to be able to with the other students of the university, got it? In such an activity, i am sure many people would be active. 'HOW-TO-STUDY this language, that language' questions would be answered etc. ;)

If anything comes to any of your minds, just post it here please!

Thursday 27th of December 2007 11:04:36 PM
Os, I liked the idea of Language Cafe. You guys could add culture to it as well (a real cafe!).

At our school, we had what we called an International Day, where each student picked a country and studied about its language, customs, cuisine, clothing (little bits like that). Then we created table stands and everyone came to school dressed in something from their country of origin (those who knew), and we all brought one dish, and some objects from our countries, which then became topics of discussion. It was really helpful to tell people about a country that you studied about, and then learn about others through their stories.

In your case, you could pick languages, and then do little posters on some of the countries where they are spoken, and add some of the local dishes to promote the conversation!

Saturday 29th of December 2007 01:03:35 AM
Thanks Anya, cool idea!!! We should have that! :-)

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