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Saturday 21st of July 2007 08:31:44 AM
Learning Languages Is Feminine?: I was kinda shocked when I saw some comments on a YouTube video blog in Japanese made by a guy, people were saying that learning languages is feminine, and many comments from different users were just straight insults towards him for choosing to do such a feminine thing, what do you think?!

Saturday 21st of July 2007 06:23:04 PM
Ok ok. I'll save you a whole lot of trouble, FaWzY. On the internet you see, there is a lot of people that is only after prvoking or "trolling","naive" people like youself, no offence whatsoever. The main goal with this to provoke people as much as possible, and this is considered funny. Keep this in mind. However, I'm not saying that all people are lying, but keep this in mind. The best thing you can do is to just ignore comments like that. I mean, what do you care if some tard on "youtube" thinks that it's gay to learn languages, when in fact he's the one whos the tool, and a illiterate one a that too. Hope this helped you in some way man=)

Saturday 21st of July 2007 06:26:53 PM
Oh, and I'm trying to learn japanese aswell and I don't think it's feminine. Atleast I KNOW I'm not feminine, nor a skinny nerd of any sort. I stab at thee, jerk on youtube!

Monday 23rd of July 2007 08:26:56 AM
Really? If that is so then why am I feeling like Son Goku all of a sudden learning Japanese?

Monday 23rd of July 2007 06:16:35 PM
Huh? WTF did I just get insulted?

Friday 27th of July 2007 05:07:02 AM
It is one of the weirdest things I have ever heard in my all life! I just laugh at that and go on promoting language learning as well as trying to learn them! :D

Monday 30th of July 2007 11:32:00 AM
LOL All of this is just hilarious... :D

Wednesday 01st of August 2007 04:22:01 AM
Learning languages is a challenge and everyone that is able to speak at least 1 foreign language should be very proud of.

Wednesday 01st of August 2007 03:22:06 PM
For sure Ie. I borrowed 3 language books in the library and people stared at me like, "hey! that girl is smart!" And I was like , "beat it?" HAHA. The truth is, that was just some props. LOL.

Try learning 3 languages at the same time and it will blow your head off. But heck, it's fun!

Wednesday 01st of August 2007 07:20:07 PM
This is the most rediculous thing I've ever heard! :ha If you ask me those people are jealous. Like Ie and Ellem said learning a language is a challenge and people who manage to should be given respect. I think that those people are jealous of people that can or have learned a language. Don't listen to the strange people on you tube FaWzY because the wierd Americans that have no lives migrate to you tube. I have no problem with you tube it's just the people that comment about things are stupid. :)

@ ellem I once tried 4 at once it was not pretty. :ha

Thursday 02nd of August 2007 12:17:26 PM
It sure is the most ridiculous thing Dom. People are just.. well, insecure.

Friday 31st of August 2007 06:49:47 AM
Hmmm....: Learning languages at all?! :D
As i know there is a stereotype that learning French is "gayish" and "feminine".....What about Russian? :D D:D

However,people admire to invent different (conservative) theories how stupid,ridiculous... things are that refer to intellectual upgrading!
P.S.Why isn't consuming drugs and alcohol gayish and feminine? ;)

Friday 31st of August 2007 08:14:51 AM
No idea.

Saturday 01st of September 2007 07:12:28 AM
fawzy I do not think that learning a foreign language is feminine, In fact I believe any boy or man, who has the discipline and fucus to learn a language other than his own, is more of a man. I hope your language learning is going well! and that all your worries have been expelled by everyone who has answered. I will leave you with this. It is something I try to go by.
You are what you make yourself, not what you think you should be, because what you should be, is what you want to be.

Bye! fawzy, good luck!

Saturday 01st of September 2007 11:20:17 AM
Hey Glory, have you made pansit yet?

Thursday 06th of September 2007 11:25:46 PM
Oh ! Fotunately that's wrong ! Everybody can learn languages :) I started here thanks to a boy.
Take a look at the member list. Oh! I don't know if there are more girls than men or the opposit...:D

Sunday 09th of September 2007 06:07:56 PM
My advice is:

[color=FF0000]Ignore stereotypes![/color]

There are many stereotypes like that women are better in languages and men are better in mathematics.
[color=009900]It' s all nonsense![/color]
And anyway most of bad stereotypes are about women. :(
So you don't have so many reasons to worry Fawzy ;)

Sunday 09th of September 2007 06:24:54 PM
I agree with Janis1 :) I started here because of a boy too, so my opinion is that learning languages is for everyone not just girls! :D

Sunday 09th of September 2007 10:31:33 PM
Guys, thanks for the replies... :)

I wasn't worried or anything, I'm confident and I like learning languages, and no matter what anyone says could change that ;)

I was just laying a topic for discussion, that's all! :D

Wednesday 12th of September 2007 03:39:18 PM
How about... working and learning is a man's thing, women should stay at home and do the housework? Silly stereotypes. There are many male famous linguists out there.

Wednesday 12th of September 2007 05:33:09 PM
On the second thought, learning language can really be a feminine thing. Why? Flexibility. And oh, where did I hear the phrase "women are the smarter sex"? LOL.

It's all a matter of perspective.

Wednesday 12th of September 2007 08:41:32 PM
Well I have to admit that during my study of Linguistics at the university the man/woman ratio was something like 25-75. And I just saw a survey of the year 2005-2006 of this study and that shows the man/woman ratio to be 8-92, so there may be some degree of truth in this statement.

Thursday 13th of September 2007 01:20:01 AM
"What a stupid concept..."


Thursday 13th of September 2007 07:02:05 AM
Well, statistically there are MUCH more male engineers that females, but that doesn't stereotype engineering as a manly profession ;)

And if we had to take the "boys are better than girls in math" stereotype, then... :p

Saturday 15th of September 2007 08:27:25 AM
LOL Fawzy. Then what? Com'on, don't be too such a stereotype. haha

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