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Tuesday 02nd of October 2007 11:00:06 AM
looking for stargate fans around the world!: Hey! I am looking for common ground to help learn new languages. I believe that if two or more languages got together on a common topic, the reference points created will help someone pick up on the language better and faster. So I am starting a Stargate post. Here, SG1 and Atlantis fans alike can share a common interest.

I know of 3 countries in which Stargate is aired:

USA on SciFi
England on SkyOne
Canada on ?

Tell me what country, what station, and your favorite part of the show. Eithor Stargate will suffice!

Friday 05th of October 2007 10:32:45 PM
ok guys - come on!: I know there are other fans out there - throw me a bone here! We can discuss anything stargate related here in any language.

PS - did I read that stargate also aires in Australia?

Monday 26th of November 2007 09:41:01 AM
Hey, I'm a huge Stargate fan too :) It's my fave.
I'm originally from England, now living in Australia.
As far as I know Australia doesn't broadcast Stargate. It used to a while back apparently. There have been online petitions and stuff to get it back here.

I miss it :(
I had all the DVDs back in England but it costs too much to have them sent over so my Dad has them now.

Monday 26th of November 2007 09:45:49 AM
wow that's cool! I have many friends on the Stargate Worlds discuss from England, and some from Australia, so I understand. So what languages are you learning?

Monday 26th of November 2007 09:55:31 AM
me like: i like it

Tuesday 27th of November 2007 12:13:17 AM
lol short sweet and to the point! So I figured that with common knowlege of Stargate, other language's conversations based on the stargate series would be a great reference point to learn from!

Monday 24th of December 2007 01:22:37 AM
Learning mainly Finnish and Estonian and I'm the Finnish mod too. I have friends in Finland who watch Stargate too, they like it :)

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