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Saturday 21st of July 2007 01:42:00 PM
The Phrasebase Podcast: Hi all,

I'm just curious, who is interested in making a podcast series? (Not by ourselves, but as a community.)

If so, here's my proposal:

Every week (or every two weeks), one of our PB members, will produce two podcasts.

One podcast in English and one podcast in his/her native language (if his/her native is already English, he/she could try to produce one in his/her target language if he/she feels CONFIDENT in, OR another language that he is fluent in).

Like most podcasts, it's an average of 5-10 mins (maybe longer). So, if you can, try to produce on around 10 mins.

What should topics/content should be in our podcasts?

Anything you want. As long as it isn't R rated or anything like that. :p

Well, I recommend topics about your country, culture or maybe even small language lessons in your podcast.

Then, one podcast will be released by one completely different PB member (who hasn't made any episodes yet) every one or two weeks. This one to two weeks will give time to next person who is presenting, to plan and create their own episode.

In creating these podcasts, I hope that through this, we could get the chance to HEAR other PB members, especially those natives ;) to speak their native languages with great fluency! :D

Also, these could help us build our confidence in speaking if you are shy and all.

So, if you are interested. All you need is a mic and just send me a PM or drop me a message here!

Hope you guys like the idea :p

Tuesday 24th of July 2007 08:18:05 AM
Well, I was kinda thinking about starting EgyPod, a free podcast for teaching Egyptian Arabic, so maybe this PB podcast would be a good training for me :D

I'm totally with this idea, and I recommend it to be a daily podcast, but as cycles, for example, 14 members will participate in it, so the cycle would be every 2 weeks, each member takes a day, so he makes his podcast on a fixed day every 2 weeks, and so on, I could participate in Arabic, English and French for now, maybe later on I'd try a Japanese/Mandarin approach :)

So, I'm in! :p

Tuesday 24th of July 2007 03:33:15 PM
Yes, I was thinking of doing the same thing :p but I found it too difficult to do it on my own. lol, but with everyone together, it won't be that hard :p

2 down (me and Fawzy, 8 more to go! :p any other takers?

Tuesday 24th of July 2007 09:37:14 PM
Iìd liketo join but dunno when I'm able to produce one I'm in rome at the moment and I don't have all my softwares :D
but I can try producing somthing using only audacity.

ok jsut count me in for Italian and possibile other langs (As always, Spanish, German, ENglish, French) it would be great fi we could organize everything before thorugh skpe for ex, in a skypecast.
my skype account : leopold_bloom2006

just give me a couple of days to organize everything for me, I'm travelling here andthere :D

but topics, it wouldbe nice if we could stat with culturr estuff maybe same topic for all and everyone ties to find info bout that on he web andorganize an episode, like for ex. "ghost stories and magic" in every country or such.

Tuesday 24th of July 2007 09:39:32 PM
Yay, 3 people now :D

Don't worry, take your time :D We won't start any major group discussions until we rope in like 10 people :p

Tuesday 24th of July 2007 09:47:04 PM
maybe Javier might join he already has some experience with podcasting =o)

Wednesday 25th of July 2007 09:45:51 AM
¿Alguien me invocó? ?i tie mi estas! Kion mi devas fari?

Sunday 29th of July 2007 01:09:36 AM
I'm not quite sure what Javier said, but I guess we could count him in! :p

Monday 30th of July 2007 12:23:10 AM
Hmm... I just talked to him and he says he'll be joining us, yeah? ;)

So, 6 more people :D

Monday 30th of July 2007 09:10:28 AM
If you don't mind, I'd like to join in this!

Monday 06th of August 2007 05:40:43 PM
ok I?m back home for a couple of days, I'll be online on skype and msn/yahoo/jabber as ofte nas I an so just add me to your list and contact me we can try to produce a pilot podcast.

skype: leopold_bloom2006
msn leobloom@hotmail.it
jabber leobloom@jabber.no
yahoo vitotigani

Monday 06th of August 2007 09:20:18 PM
Alright I've added you on MSN and Skype, looking forward to meeting you tonight! :)

Monday 06th of August 2007 10:00:27 PM
Sounds like a good idea but I still have that small problem of not having a mic. I could probabally try and use my aunt's laptop though. Can you count me in as a maybe?

Wednesday 29th of August 2007 08:37:55 PM
I hope this project is still alive!

Wednesday 05th of September 2007 04:20:43 AM
i´m still in though i have little access to the internet and am rather busy, am moving to salzburg and if the uni accepts me here Ißll stay here!!! yeah!!!

Thursday 06th of September 2007 07:04:29 AM
Good luck leo, I hope you get accepted, maybe then I'll come over and visit! :D

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