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Tuesday 10th of July 2007 07:58:33 PM
TRAGIC! TRAGIC!: It's really tragic,there was something happened in my family any years ago!
When I was 1 years old, my dad was one lead of a company which belongs to Shenzhen goverment, China . Some peculators wanted take the public money away. And my dad stopped them. But it's not useful at all, they brought a false charge against on my dad. They said that my dad took the money away. And then , my dad lose his job. He could not have his pay any more. That's 1989 years... After that, he never stop to appeal, but... no useful... nobody can help him! 1992 years, my mon left us, at that time, I just 3 years old. The family just left my dad and me. We helped each others in these years.
I'm 17 years old now. In these year, they scouted us, do something bad for us...Yesterday, I chatted with dad, he said :"I'm so tired, I feel death, you konw, I do housework everyday, 18years... I do it everyday... I don't konw when I'll die. Have you ever think what 'll happen after I die? what will you do?" I said:"NO, dad! stick to it, we have take the better life, isn't it? Be brave , everything 's gonna be OK! "

In fact, I almost mad.........I said "stcik to it", But I don't know what 'll happened ...I'm afraid...please...please tell me! what should I do!! please....

Wednesday 11th of July 2007 08:32:15 AM
Well, I really don't know. Have you tried hard enough? Have you considered every alternative there is?

How about improving your English first? I'm sure too many people here can help you out with that. I heard that many Chinese come to the Philippines to learn the English language. Why not start the trend there? Master the language and do tutorial. That would help you get over with the expenses.

You're too young and you have a long long way t go. Stay positive kid!

Wednesday 11th of July 2007 06:17:04 PM
yes! you are right, English is really important, I need to improve my english first!
Thx your advice
But , I think it's not enough...

Friday 03rd of August 2007 07:02:13 AM
Life take tragic waves may sometimes. But remember, you are still alive, young and brave and with your dad, think of all these years, you have had a chance to live. Think of future that definitely will be very positive. We are here, to give you a shoulder, make you smile and help you, whenever you need it. Count on me. I am always ready to listen and to help.

Friday 03rd of August 2007 09:06:37 AM
It's very interesting to me how almost everyone here in the U.S. wants to learn Mandarin because they want to be businessmen while everywhere else in the world people want to learn English for the same reason.

Gzggzq, in the immortal words of Nina Samone "O-o-h child, things are gonna get easier, O-o-h child, things'll get brighter, Someday, we'll walk to gether in the beautiful sun" or in Bob Marley's lyrics: "Let's get together and feel alright" In other words: Things'll get better if you believe enough and try your hardest!

Friday 03rd of August 2007 11:35:50 AM
Like BCS I find it interesting that everyone seems to want to learn English and I am one of those people trying to learn Mandarin.

As for you Gzggzq, try to stay positive bad things like this always come at unexpected times and we all have to stay strong and fight to make everything better in the end. Like ie said we would gladly lend a listening ear and help you whenever you need help.

Saturday 04th of August 2007 03:19:59 PM
Truth. Why would everyone else wants to learn English when I actually want to get it off our system. Learning English is a redunduncy since Kindergarten.

But well, isn't it nice to speak languages some doesn't know? LOL. You get to comprehend and broaden your market. (So to speak)

Sunday 12th of August 2007 01:49:48 PM
Nikki: Wow, your story really touched me. You've had a pretty difficult life but heres a phrase I like: No matter what happens never give up. Anybody can do good if they try, just stick by your dad and tell him that you two will make it through anything together and that someday the sun will shine again. No ones life can be dark forever everyone diserves some good. I want you to hang in there and talk to me if you have any problems, I like to talk to people and help them.

Monday 27th of August 2007 09:00:07 PM
I just see your message today and I would like to tell you something. Few years ago my mother wanted and tried to do this. She gave to all her children (we're five girls) a message I always keep with me. I was really afraid. But now everything has changed : she found a job, she's the grand mother of 8 kids.
And remember some people are ill and are doing their best to stay alive even if they are suffering. Of course some don't succeed like a great French singer Grégory Lemarchal who died last April at 23. And he was and he is still an example of bravery for many French. When I'm down sometime I think that Till there's life there's hope ! So, keep hope and your father too.
Give us some news ! :) ;)

Wednesday 29th of August 2007 02:12:25 PM
shake yourself..: I think you're soo pessimistic.If you carry on with act like this,you and your dad won't be happy.(I'm sorry)Shake yourself
,try to happy and make your dad happy.just believe!There are soo many years you will live and your dad,too.

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