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Wednesday 12th of December 2007 02:28:44 AM
Translation mistakes: I created this thread so that we can post the different mistakes we spot for example on imported products.

This is where I got this idea from...

I started drinking a can of Thai coconut juice a few minutes ago. I checked the ingredients because I found that juice extremely sweet. This is what I saw on the can in question :D :

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The first circle shows a word that should have been omitted.

The second circle, well... that one is funny :D They wrote "conette" instead of "canette" (can in English).

Conette isn't a French word, but it's possible to decompose it like this:

1. Conne in French is the feminine version of "jerk"
2. "-ette" means "little" as you already know

So, their translation means something like:

Chill and shake the little jerk well [...]


Your turn now... If you ever see a similar mistake, post it here! :D (It could also be a sign in a hotel, etc).

Wednesday 12th of December 2007 04:35:44 PM
Lol Mery! Awesome idea! I have always thought of taking pictures of language mistakes here around but didn't know what to do with them :)
You can see lots of wrong sentences even made by municipality itself! I need to grab a camera and have a walk around the city :)

Thursday 13th of December 2007 02:04:09 AM
C'est drôle ça, Mery :D

Friday 14th of December 2007 04:46:54 PM
An example of automatic translation I like immensely:
Execute the installer by tray icon and insert ms windows binaries or another os with custom mouse driver support in current boot drive
??????? ?????????? ???????????? ??????? ? ???????? ?????? ?? ???? ????????? ???? ??????? ??? ?????? ??? ? ?????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? ? ???????
????????? ???????

Sunday 23rd of December 2007 05:38:44 PM
ah too many!
I find mistakes on practically each non-Italian product of something Italian, from sauces to pasta t oclothes :D got to check em all as soon as I'm back in Austria.

The ony one I remember (and I always will :D ) was something i saw o nthe Italian menu in a restaurant in Kaernten, in Austria, a while ago.

piatto d'oggi: Turchia arrostita su uno sputo"

which in English would sound like:

today's dish: Turkey roasted on a skewer

something bad happened with their google translator... natural language processing and translating still has many funny things in store. Of course I chose to eat those turkey spits anyway and I even gave them a better translation, so funny :D

Sunday 30th of December 2007 12:35:55 AM
How about the advertising slogan "Learn German as a rocket" Anyone seen that one anywhere recently?:)

Monday 30th of June 2008 07:22:33 AM
Why 'I like to rap' in English sounds like 'I want to hit' in Russian. I would torture someone who had invented Alta Vista Bebel Fish. Period.

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