Miscellaneous Using Movies To Learn A Language. With A Little Concentrated Effort, This Has Really Started To Work For Me.

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Wednesday 12th of September 2007 11:16:56 PM
Using Movies to Learn a Language.: I wonder if many people are using movies to supplement their listening comprehension. This year after deciding to get serious about studying for the basic level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December, I started trying to mix my love of movies with my language study regimen.

I even built a website dedicated to my new study efforts.


Are people studying other languages doing this as well?
It doesn't completely replace studying of course, but watching movies "correctly" can really help listening abilities, and it sure makes for a nice break from tougher forms of studying.

I wrote a little about the process I use for maximum benefit at the bottom of this page on my new site:

Does anyone know any good movie titles for studying languages. I would love to hear some suggestions.

Also, feedback on this new website would be appreciated.

Thursday 13th of September 2007 12:59:02 AM
I use this sometimes with my japanese class. Although I had been watching anime and movies with Japanese scenes several years beforehand, I must say it has helped me to develop (and improve) my listening and speaking skills. Until recently it didn't do a thing for my writing skills as I couldn't even read Hiragana until this summer.
I find that this way of learning is usually only useful in writing if you already have some background in the language (or language family). So most likely it'll work for a native-english speaker who is trying to learn a Romance language or a Germanic language.

Saturday 15th of September 2007 05:36:02 AM
I've never used movies to help me learn French. That is purely because I don't have access to many foreign films and I don't know of any good websites where I can stream films in French online.

Music on the other hand is a tool I use very often to help me learn vocabulary. I enjoy using music as a tool to learn French because you can join in and sing along too....

Saturday 15th of September 2007 08:42:43 AM
I find movies are too long and complicated, try children't shows (Plaza Sesamo etc.) They're really helpful

Saturday 15th of September 2007 09:01:05 AM
My grandmother started learning English with movies. Then she started reading books, she travelled to the States and to England, and finally she got some lessons. The first few classes people actually thought she was the teacher; she was between 50 and 60.

It's tough to start from scratch with films as your only teachers, it's better to have a real person teaching you, or at least helping. As a complement: yeah, movies are a great way to get in touch with a language. It's the best you can do if you can't go to where the language you're learning is spoken. You will also learn a lot about their culture, too.

Monday 17th of September 2007 06:18:26 AM
I think using any of these resources (movies, music, etc) are great ways to learn, particularly if you are learning a language that no one else around you speaks. Perhaps the most valuable thing these resources do is tune your ears into listening for words. Language lessons (Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, what have you) are great, but sometimes I find them too overly simplified - in that they enunciate very slowly. That's great when you're first learning, but I've yet to come across people in real-life who speak as slowly as the language CDs do...

BTW - for anyone learning Spanish, check out the movie Pan's Labyrinth, it's Spanish with English and Spanish subtitles. We just watched it the other night, I kind of liked it (although I of course had to use the subtitles).

Monday 17th of September 2007 08:42:54 AM
You know, if you watch a movie with subtitles in English you can pick up fast...if you watch the movie again with the subtitles of the same language you're learning (spanish language track and spanish subtitles) you will probably learn to decipher words more quickly. I did that when I watched Carrie the first few times in English and then Spanish lol

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