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Saturday 04th of November 2006 04:01:57 PM
Videos making your day!: Hi everybody :)
Today, i have seen a cute, lovable video which made me laugh :D If you know such videos, please share it here. :p

Saturday 04th of November 2006 04:10:45 PM
Hehe... thanks for starting this :D

I saw this adorably cute video my friend sent me :D

Saturday 04th of November 2006 06:33:02 PM
A funny one... ;)

Monday 06th of November 2006 04:20:31 AM
lol Goran it is fun!

Hey Dani, that video starts automatically and dont let me hear the other videos lol.

sweet one btw :D

Tuesday 07th of November 2006 03:29:04 AM
just click on pause, no?=o)
btw, here is video that is not funny at all but made my day too, it made me wonder for a while about what the beauty is we all long for sometimes.


Wednesday 15th of November 2006 04:27:33 AM
This is a Norwegian parody boyband ... a bit old, but still funny.

Wednesday 22nd of November 2006 02:32:43 AM
This one just put a smile on my face again, I love this guy's videos but this one is even more than just that, it's special and yep it made my day

if you can't watch it here embedded:

Saturday 09th of December 2006 08:18:51 PM

[color=blue]Si et sents trist i emboirat
i necessites una mà
si les coses, les coses no et roden bé
tanca els ulls i pensa en mi
que prest jo seré aquí
com un raig de llum dins la teva foscor
Digues baix el meu nom
i el cel vulgui que estigui vindré
de seguida, a fer-te costat
Primavera, estiu o tardor
tot el que has de fer es dir-ho
i vindré de cop, saps què?
Tens un amic, tens un amic...[/color]

[color=red]If you are sad and blue
and you need a helping hand,
if things are not working out well,
close your eyes and think of me.
Think that I'll be fast here,
like a lightning in your darkness.
Say lowly my name
and no matter how the sky is, I'll come to you
quickly, to support you.
Spring, summer or autumn,
all you need is to say it,
and I'll be in a moment, know what?
You've got a friend, you've got a friend...[/color]

Transcribed by Goran and translated by Pablo. :D

Saturday 09th of December 2006 09:50:52 PM
I liked of all the videos!

But the one about the apes make me cry :(
You just see how sad the other monkey was when he didn`t get a banana!! :( And then the most clever one SHARES it! :(

Touching :(

Friday 05th of January 2007 09:06:13 AM

Friday 05th of January 2007 04:02:30 PM

How come do they laugh at the same time? :) :D

Tuesday 06th of February 2007 02:16:22 AM
Recently I found this funny Finnish video showing the icehockey commentator of the Lahti local team called Pelicans.

syke = heartbeat
desibeliä = decibel
loppusyke = heartbeat at the end

Thursday 08th of February 2007 07:41:45 AM
monkeys: I like all videos too, but i don't have mine.

But i think that both monkey's eyes were so sad. and they are not free but in laboratorty. they are used for experiments. just because ppl want to know sth about their behaviour. but they should be free. I can't stand any experiments on animals. Doesn't matter for what is this experiment. I would like to come to this laboratory and take monkeys to the jungle and this scientist to prison! really!

These monkeys are so sweet and touching... :_(

And this experiment doesn't mean that the second one was more clever, because scintist put the circle in other place. And both monkeys took just this figure which was closer to their hand. :(

And i don't understand how ppl can think that they are better than monkeys and that they have right to do such experiments.

Who agree with me???!!!

And 2 videos with babys are so sweet and funny. They make my mood better. so nice:)

And this about changing women by computer is unfortunately true... : /

P.S. Is "monkeys" correct plural form from "mokey"?

Tuesday 27th of February 2007 07:46:05 AM

The shot that caught more my attention was the one at Rwanda.
If you want to see this guy's website, go [url=http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/]here.

Thursday 01st of March 2007 07:20:41 PM
Great, funny, nice, positive:D

Tuesday 17th of April 2007 05:13:52 AM
ok, I showed this one to my brother right 5 minutes ago, it's old but still amazing, as always, simple and beautiful =o)

btw, here is the final compilation of "one world" by MadV

Tuesday 17th of April 2007 09:03:43 AM
Sketchbook Diary: Flame On

I just LOVE The Wine Kone, his videos are amazingly random and funny. :D

Here's a parody he made about the "One World" video made by MadV

Sunday 22nd of April 2007 07:43:42 AM
OK, just found a video, nice and informative, it delas bout Joyce's Ulysses, Disney and copyrgith troubles. Please enjoy.


Sunday 29th of April 2007 05:24:45 AM
My sister found this video on Youtube. It's pretty stupid but funny as well. :p

Tuesday 01st of May 2007 04:59:27 PM
One of the funniest I've ever seen!!


Saturday 05th of May 2007 01:41:22 PM
Something to laugh :D

Sunday 06th of May 2007 10:36:36 AM
A friend showed this video to me....I think it's quite funny :)

Sunday 01st of July 2007 09:04:34 PM
Translating Seven Languages:

Tuesday 03rd of July 2007 01:40:39 PM
This is by far the weirdest thing I've ever seen :ha

And then watch this parody made by some Korean guys

Sunday 23rd of September 2007 08:01:28 PM
Laugh Attack! :D

Monday 24th of September 2007 02:00:53 AM
I LOVE dogs!: Hope this makes you giggle! The music makes it perfect! ENJOY!

Thursday 25th of October 2007 04:31:22 AM
Videos: Hey thanks to all the posters these videos have really cheered me up when I needed it :)

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