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Thursday 15th of March 2007 04:05:33 AM
What\'s On Your Playlist Now?: [color=blue]Yay, another grand idea from yours truly :D lol this time out of procrastination from completing my biology homework. :p

Okay, it's rather simple. As you know, almost everyone loves to listen to music and of course musical tastes and choices vary among different people. And what's beautiful is that, everyone may be listening to a song in a language that is different to what you'd usually listen to, so that makes it even more exciting and interesting.[/color]

[color=purple]So, what you do here is you post your TOP 10 FAVOURITE SONGS in your playlists now.

Yes, you may change your post, add/remove songs you like or don't like, shift the positions of your songs, update it as much as you like. [/color]

[color=red]And so this is how you should list your songs, in a descending order (according to which song you like most ON TOP, and the least favourite AT THE BOTTOM which is number 10: e.g.[/color]

1. Thriller
Micheal Jackson

Dancing Queen

3. On The Wings of Love
George Benson
10. Maria

Yes, all those were oldies, I know :p but that was just an example! :D

[color=red]AND PLEASE: ONE PERSON PER POST :) Thank you![/color]

[color=purple]By creating this thread, I hope we are able to share our language, musical tastes, and maybe even culture by looking at what our other dear Phrasebasers are listening to.[/color]

Thursday 15th of March 2007 04:10:07 AM

1. Mambo - Helena Paparizou
2. Me thelloun ki alli - Helena Paparizou
3. My number one - Helena Paparizou :p
4. Opa opa - Antique
5. Resmimi çeke çeke - Azeri Kizi Gülen
6. I love you mi vida - NASH
7. Comme ci comme ça- Evridiki
8. I should think
9. I should think
10. I should think :p

Thursday 15th of March 2007 04:17:57 AM
Here's my list :)

[color=red]Top 10 in my Playlist[/color]

1. This ain't a scene, it's an arms race
Fall Out Boy

2. Girlfriend
Avril Lavigne (I don't know, I still like this song [very upbeat] and I just like her :D, even though her latest music video... is somewhat hmm.. not her previous self. So yeah, she sort of shedded her previous image)

3. Behind these hazel eyes
Kelly Clarkson

4. Beichte
Tokio Hotel

5. Der letzte Tag
Tokio Hotel

6. Je ne vous oublie pas
Céline Dion

7. Le droit ŕ l'erreur
Amel Bent

8. Kaulah segalanya
Hazrul Nizam

9. Wait a minute
The Pussycat Dolls ft. Timbaland

10. Come rain come shine
Tata Young[/color]

[color=blue]Yeah, my playlist is a mix of new and old songs. lol, I guess I just like new and old songs equally well. :)[/color]

[color=red]Playlist last updated: 16th March 2007 :D[/color]

[color=blue]Hmm... Thanks Osman! :D late nights are definitely bad for your health :p and your ability to read the calendar :p [/color]

Thursday 15th of March 2007 04:33:12 AM
My list;

1. El Mariachi
Desperado Soundtrack

2. Shake it up Şekerim
Kenan Doğulu

3. Dokunma Bana
Zeynep Casalini

4. Obizienka Nol

5. Underneath your clothes

6. Pajaros de Barro
Manolo Garcia

7. Lo siento mi amor
Rocio Jurado

8. Sigara
Şebnem Ferah

9. Baş Harfi Ben
Kenan Doğulu

10. Mor ve Ötesi
Bir Derdim Var

Thursday 15th of March 2007 04:34:17 AM
Originally posted by Danial

[color=red]Playlist last updated: 25th March 2007[/color]

Last edited by: Danial on 14 Mar 07


Thursday 15th of March 2007 05:23:06 AM
Do your homework Danial! :p

Top 10 in my list :D

1. Fumo e cenere

2. On sädet vaja vaid

3. Gli ostacoli del cuore

4. He will carry me
Mark Schultz

5. Ed ero contentissimo
Tiziano Ferro

6. Savin' me

7. If you want me to
Ginny Owens

8. This Day
Emily and Allison Waters

9. Think of me
Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack)

10. How can I Help You Say Goodbye?
Karen Taylor-Good

Thursday 15th of March 2007 08:20:11 AM
1.I Am Hated

2.Savin' Me

3. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

4.Dursun Zaman
maNga ft. Göksel

5.Can Kırıkları
Şebnem Ferah


7.Sarı Çizmeli Mehmet Ağa

8.Kendimden Geriye

9.Are You Ready
Three Days Grace

10.In Esir Like An Eagle
Pentagram (Mezarkabul)

Thursday 15th of March 2007 09:09:52 PM
1. Spare Change

2. Colorado Mountain Goat

3. Svart Djup

4. Ormurin Langi

5. Complication
Aslan Faction

6. Zwitter

7. A Case Of Pride

8. Beträd Ej Annans Mark
Att Mörda En Överordnad

9. High Noon In Killville
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies

10. The Majesty Of Rock
Spın̈al Tap

Friday 16th of March 2007 02:13:11 AM
1. Bob Sinclair feat Steve Edwards
World, Hold On (Children of The Sky)

2. Hari Mata Hari

3. Antique&Slavi_Trifonov

4. Nelly Furtado
All good things

5. Evanescence
My immortal

6. Avril Lavigne
Not the only one

7. Sean Paul
Get busy

8. Hillary Duff
Someone watching over

9. Kansas
Dust in the wind

10. And first song once again :D

Saturday 17th of March 2007 02:00:03 AM
1. Elisa
Heaven out of hell

2. Elisa
Gli octacoli del cuore

3. Fabrizio Moro
Gli amplessi di Marta

4. Luca Dirisio
Il mio amico vende il te

5.Tiziano Ferro
E Raffaella č mia

6.Tiziano Ferro
Rosso relativo

7.Tiziano Ferro
Stop! Dimentica

8. Laura Pausini
E ritorno da te

9.Eros Ramazotti
Solo ieri

10. Neffa
La mia signorina

Italian only! :p But Italian music is on top for me! :D
But it's only a top of my musical iceberg! :p

Saturday 17th of March 2007 06:49:47 AM
Ok, since I was having such a hard time I've been told by Danial to just go ahead and do 25. Thank you Dani!! :D:D I made this a lot harder than it actually is :p

1. Aphrodisiac
Bow Wow Wow
2. Metro
The Vincent Black Shadow
3. Scars
Dir en Grey
4. Baroque
Malice Mizer
5. The Devdas soundtrack :p
6. Vampires Will Never Hurt You
My Chemical Romance
7. Poбot
8.Pyaar Mein Sau Uljhanein
Shankar Mahadevan, Vijay Prakash, Mahalaxmi, Sneha Pant
9. Bohemian Rhapsody
10. Cupid's Chokehold
Gymclass Heroes
11. Face Down
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
12. gyakujou tannou keloid milk
Dir En Grey
13. This Is How I Disappear
My Chemical Romance
14. Dejelill Og Lagerman
15. Lagaan soundtrack :p
16. Beast of Blood
Malice Mizer
16. (Night Time Is) The Right Time
Ray Charles
17. Aaja Ve Maahi Ve Soniya
Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Kareena Kapoor, Blaise Shahid
18. Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Mein
Udit Narayan & Asha Bhosle
19. Candyman
20. Unchain My Heart
Ray Charles
21. Transylvania
Malice Mizer
22. Su Ru Ruskadirej
23. Ddota!! Kunyo!!
24. Irreplaceable
25. Trepak

A lot of the artists I listen to more than one song by them and I just sort of cycle through the songs :)

Saturday 17th of March 2007 10:45:55 AM
It's hard..
Since I'm a musical maniac, I can range from classical music to oldies to extreme music to anti-music in minutes :P

Saturday 17th of March 2007 10:48:45 AM
lol, me too! :D

Okay... new rule :D under your current top 10 list, you may add all the songs you like. Doesn't matter how much. :) *prepares a cup of chocolate to scroll through his long list of songs, gulps*

Monday 26th of March 2007 02:10:00 AM
well...: There are many :P let's see...
I will just mention the singers and maybe some of their songs ...

1.Dj Tiesto (a lot of songs)
2. Tatu - Robot, Ia so shla s uma
3 Tatu and Rammstei - Moskau
4.Take that - PAtience
5 Elica todorova - Voda
6 Dover - Let e out
7 MAria Mean - just hold me
8 Bass Hunter - Boten Anna ( too good to forget)
9 Sean PAul - Temperature

Tuesday 27th of March 2007 12:09:32 AM
hmm, well... at the moment my playlist would be someting like this:

01 muse - knights of cydonia
02 arcade fire - intervention
03 sigur rós - glósóli
04 björk - vísur vatnsenda-rósu
05 radiohead - exit music
06 under byen - det er mig der holder trćerne sammen
07 múm - grasi vaxin göng
08 tocotronic - aber hier leben, nein danke
09 red hot chili peppers - desecration smile
10 placebo - song to say goodbye

Tuesday 27th of March 2007 02:54:16 AM
Alannah Myles
- Black Velvet
- Love Is

Angelin Tytöt
- Julius Ánde
- Neida

Aretha Franklin
- Chain of Fools

- Pagan Poetry

Dolly Parton
- Jolene

- Alabama Song
- Moonlight Drive
- People Are Strange
- Queen of The Highway
- Shaman's Blue
- The End
- Waiting For The Sun
- When The Music's Over

Green Day
- Coming Clean
- Give Me Novacaine
- Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
- Hitchin' A Ride
- Longview
- Nice Guys Finish Last

- Neidon Laulu

Janis Joplin
- Kozmic Blues
- Mercedes Benz
- Move Over
- Women Is Losers

Janis Joplin & Jimi Hendrix
- Summertime (Live)

Johnny Cash
- God's Gonna Cut You Down
- Hurt
- Like The 309

Led Zeppelin
- Whole Lotta Love

- Ievan Polokka

Loreena McKennitt
- Skellig

- Nothing Else Matters

- About A Girl
- Aneurysm
- Dive
- Dumb
- Heart-Shaped Box
- Lithium
- Lounge Act
- On A Plain
- Pennyroyal Tea
- Polly
- Rape Me
- Serve the Servants
- Something In The Way
- Very Ape
- You Know You're Right

Peter Sommer
- Valby Bakke

Rage Against The Machine
- Bullet In The Head
- Killing In The Name
- People of The Sun
- Wake Up

Rolling Stones
- Angie

Sinéad O'Connor
- Perfect Indian

- Left Behind
- My Plague
- Wait And Bleed

Tina Dickow
- Nobodys Man

Tracy Chapman
- Give Me One Reason


Sunday 12th of August 2007 02:20:58 PM
I Love Music: 1. Far Away (Nickelback)
2. My love is like wo (Mya)
3. Burn (Usher)
4. Top Back (T.I. King)
5. Going down in Flames (3 Doors Down)
6. Story of my life (Frankie J)
7. In da club (Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz)
8. Georgia dome remix (Ying Yang Twins)
9. P.I.M.P (50 Cent)
10. Ridin (Chamillionaire)
P.S. and many many more all songs by Green Day, Pretty Ricky, Eminem, ciara, and Nelly are great! Music Rox

Monday 13th of August 2007 05:32:16 PM
At the moment:

1. "Underneath the stars", Mariah Carey.
2. "Unemaa", composed by Olav Ehala.
3. "Põlev puu", "
3. Wagner´s "Liebestod".
4. "I wanna be a Supermodel", Letters to Cleo.
5. "Te siento", Floricienta.
6. "Hero", Nickelback.
7. "Teenage Dirtbag", Wheatus
8. "Lovefool", the Cardigans.
9. "Maiu on piimaauto", K.O.E.R
10. "Have you ever", Rebecca.

Monday 13th of August 2007 09:01:06 PM
1. The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
2. Senza una Donna - Eros Ramazotti/Zucchero
3. Eu Sei - Papas da LĂ­ngua
4. Promiscuous Girl - Gwen Stefani ft Akon
5. Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs
6. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
7. All Good Things Come to an End - Nelly Furtado
8. We Don't Need Another Hero - Tina Turner
9. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica with Chris Isaac
10. Freedom Isn't Free - Team America (Soundtrack)

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