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Saturday 29th of December 2007 08:46:35 AM
what purpose to learn a foreign language?: i'm wondering why we take so many time to learn a foreign language? for communication? for business? or anything else? now tell something about that!

Saturday 29th of December 2007 01:51:36 PM
I want to. I think it's fun. I think it would be incredibly fun to be able to speak in a large number of languages, and learning them is interesting on the way. If I've got the time, it's a great way to fill it... sometimes too much.

Saturday 29th of December 2007 11:52:17 PM
English is a must here. No more reason.

Second foreign language is important in post-graduate studies. So, I am supposed to learn German. I need to study it.

I learn Spanish. I simply love the language and countries which speak it. :D

Sunday 30th of December 2007 09:27:42 AM
hi all,
for me i think understand another language somehow is benifit . I like to understand French music so i spend time to learn French (by myself here on the internet)even thought it 's hard to learn it by myself i enjoy it very much.

Sunday 30th of December 2007 09:56:21 AM
You'll probably find many different reasons - from people needing to learn a language because they are traveling to somewhere, or business reasons, or students taking a language for school requirements, or just for folks wanting to learn something new.

One reason I've been told frequently here is that a number of folks tell us they are learning a foreign language because their boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other speaks a different language, and they'd like to speak it with them.

Thursday 31st of January 2008 05:18:22 AM
Lol I just love Foreign Lanauges! I think its soo much fun to study them.

Friday 08th of February 2008 01:45:59 PM
I just find it so fascinating, the way it's structured and the way that it has evolved.

I'm also interested in learning as many as I can because there are so many people out there who don't speak English as a first language, and I'd like to get to know some of them. I'm very interested in culture and background, and I think you pick up a good bit of that with learning a language.

In the end, I just love it, haha.

Saturday 09th of February 2008 06:38:50 AM

I learn languages because I think there's a world in front of us, and if we want to know about it, first you have to learn languages.

I think to learn languages makes you tolerant and open-minded with the world, then you discover your country is just a small part of it. :)

Friday 28th of March 2008 08:54:06 AM
Well, I'm learning languages because I'm a language major in college. That's my overall reason but there are more personal reasons. I started learning Arabic when I was 8 for religious reasons and later to communicate with friends better. I started speaking Japanese when I was 13 via watching tv but I didn't OFFICIALLY begin learning it until last year in college :p And I started learning Spanish last year at the same time in which I started learning Japanese.

Eventually I plan on learning several other languages:
GujrathiMy old neighbours used to speak this around me every day. I heard it so often when I was younger that I began to pick it up (but I've forgotten most of what I learned)
AmharicI've heard this nearly all my life and because it's similar to Arabic I can get the gist of conversations when I really pay attention (even though I can't speak back at all :p)
FilipinoI tried to learn this when I first came here to PB but I didn't really have a partner so I've forgotten almost every word I learned.

Friday 28th of March 2008 11:37:49 AM
Are you majoring in Linguistics, or are you actually majoring in languages? I tried to major in languages, but there was no way to do that at my university. So I'm studying languages and majoring in linguistics. Where do you go?

Saturday 29th of March 2008 01:09:35 AM
I major in Foreign Languages and Translation. At the moment I'm studying a community college but I'm about to transfer to a 4-year university (still deciding which one). I'm at Georgia Perimeter College and they offer the following languages:
Arabic (MSA and Egyptian dialect)
Brazilian Portuguese
Chinese (Mandarin)
French (Parisian)

Spanish and French are taught in a traditional environment (teacher and about 20 students). But the other languages are conducted by a tutor (usually a native speaker) and we only receive 1 gradethe Final Examso you are graded based on your speaking, listening, and writing abilities all at once...in addition to that the tutor doesn't necessarily have to explain the grammar, they just have to speak to you in the language and gradually you figure out the grammar on your own.

Saturday 29th of March 2008 01:55:47 AM
That's interesting.
Certainly I can major in one of about 10 languages, but I was interested in doing a number of them. Is that possible or will you need to just focus on one language as your major, and possibly another if you're extra ambitious?

Saturday 29th of March 2008 03:26:27 AM
Aside from Spanish and French, you can't necessarily major in the other languages because each year the number of available tutors change, but the school usually offers the beginner and intermediate levels (the classes focus primarily on speaking rather than writing). And depending on where you decide to transfer you can change your major to a minor or vice-versa.
BUT if you study abroad you can add the other languages to your minor. GPC offers the following programs:
San Ignacio, Belize- Galen University (Summer or Semester)
Nanjing, China- Nanjing Normal University
San José, Costa Rica- Centro Linguìstico Conversa
Tour of India
Kyoto, Japan- Ryukoku University
Cuzco & Arequipa, Peru

And the following programs are offered by the University System of Georgia
London, England- University College London
Paris, France- Cité Universitaire
Bonn, Germany- Adam-Stegerwald-Haus
Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece
Montepulciano, Italy
St. Petersburg, Russia- Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Madrid, Spain- Colegio Mayor de San Pablo

Most likely I will make Spanish my major until I transferdepending on where I go, either Japanese or Arabic will be my main focus but I never intended for it to be Spanish lol

Wednesday 07th of May 2008 06:13:25 AM
Communication, friends, traveling, advancements in a career, etc.

Monday 26th of May 2008 10:43:42 PM
why Learn Languages: Originally posted by foresti'm wondering why we take so many time to learn a foreign language? for communication? for business? or anything else? now tell something about that!

10 reasons why you should be learning a foreign language.

Everyone speaks English, right? Well, certainly not everyone speaks English. According to the CIA World Fact Book, only 5.6 % of the world's total population speaks English as a primary language.

It's true that English has become a global lingua franca over the past several decades; this fact, however, really should have little effect on your decision to learn a foreign language.

1.To increase global understanding
2. To improve employment potential
3. To increase native language ability
4. To sharpen cognitive and life skills
5. To improve chances of entry into college or graduate school
6. To appreciate international literature, music, and film
7. To make travel more feasible and enjoyable
8. To expand study abroad options
9. To increase understanding of oneself and one's own culture
10. To make lifelong friends

Maybe anyone who has told you that learning another language is unrewarding, or simply a waste of your precious. Take advantage and enhance your life ... learn a language!

Tuesday 15th of July 2008 03:57:03 PM
Simply,I saw many many handsome boys but unfortunately they can not speak at least a half of word of vietnamese->so what i have to do......
Just kidding,i learnt and will be learning because of my perspective

Wednesday 16th of July 2008 07:47:56 PM
1st reason)
I think knowing as many languages as you can is a kind of power, that makes u capable of understanding more than other people can! Isn't it cool to talk to a foreigner, and explain what he says to your friends?
2nd, deeper, political reason)
Communication is the first step for comprehension, respect, and tolerance, and possibly, for peace in the world :)

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