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Wednesday 28th of February 2007 12:54:16 AM
Difference between Nepali And Hindhi: I can understand a little hindhi.
just want to what are the difference between them.

Wednesday 28th of February 2007 01:26:00 PM
I can also!:

I can understand Hindi good as I do watch Indian TV and Films, but a Indian can't understand Nepali. This is the difference between....
Yes the languages are little similar, but I can't say "what are the difference between them".
I think once you will learn Nepali, then you will know yourself, if you like of course!


Wednesday 28th of February 2007 11:44:47 PM
Thanks for your reply.
But as I noticed.
These 2 languages are very close to each other.
aana to come in hindi and aanu in Nepali.
That made you able to learn a language just by watching some movies.
I assume I wouldnt have possible to learn other languages by just watching a movie.
I would hang around this website.
I hope you can help getting through it.

Thursday 01st of March 2007 11:16:11 AM
Namaste Roh3x2n!

Your observation is an interesting one. A few years ago when I was looking for resources for Nepali here (and not finding any!), I picked up Hindi books and dictionaries in the library and studied them diligently. Then, when I managed to find a Nepali book, I realized that they were similar, but not enough to be interchangeable. They definitely have their overlaps but have a lot of differences too. I would agree with Pradeep that once you learn Nepali, understanding Hindi is easier than going the other way around. Hindi movies were a lot more intelligible to me after having spoken and listened to Nepali for a while.

I am sure different people will make different comments, and it does really depend if someone is learning by similarities or by contrasts.

Hope to see you around here, ask away, there is definitely help to be found!


Monday 05th of March 2007 03:11:32 PM
Pyaro Anya and roh3x2n, Namaste!: Anya is absolutely right and explained very well.
Thank you Anya!

Yes roh3x2n, I am agree that it will not possible to know (learn) other's language just by watching their movies, but I know Nepali well and Hindi is not only similar with it but also speak in large parts of area in our country, that is why I learn Hindi automatically and easily :).

You also will learn Nepali easily if you knew Hindi well already.

Anyway, I will be glad to help you in Nepali.

Tapaainlaai Nepali forumma swagat chha!
you are most welcome in Nepali forum!


Tuesday 27th of March 2007 10:26:29 PM
One difference I have noted just from an overview of Hindi grammar is that in Nepali there is almost no adjective declension according to gender of nouns...hoina? An exception is maybe raamro - nice, good, raamri - beautiful (woman). In Hindi the adjectives always agree according to gender.

Thursday 29th of March 2007 07:00:17 PM
but I think in Nepali also the adjectives always agree according to gender. Like "Ramri" this is in Nepali by the way.
Ramri (female)
Ramro (male)

Friday 30th of March 2007 06:50:03 PM
Dhanyavaad Pradeep Daai!

I haven't looked at my Hindi book in a while(focusing on Nepali :-) but don't Hindi nouns(not just for people) have gender too like in French or Spanish - this is the main difference I am thinking of - it would make Nepali about 10 times easier than Hindi if true. :-)

Sunday 01st of April 2007 06:08:44 PM
Namaste deathbydalbhat Bahini!:
Yes you are absolutely right I think. No gender for nonliving things in Nepali. So of course you can make Nepali much easier than Hindi, rench,Spanish...

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