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Monday 27th of November 2006 10:12:41 PM
Nepali Translation to English: Hi there,
Could someone help to translate the below sentense to English?
Nepali "Ma Timilai Dherai Samjhan Chu"

Monday 15th of January 2007 09:33:02 PM
I just found your request kiki, sorry for the delay!!! wow this got buried in this discuss, it should really go into the Nepali one for better answers!

I think what you've written is: "I think of you very much" or "I have many thoughts of you" but I'm not sure of the context.

ma - I
timilai - for you/of you
dherai - much
samjhan - thought, understanding, knowledge, wisdom...
I am not sure if you meant to say "samjhan" or "samajhan",

I'll defer to Pradeep for the full translation. :)

Tuesday 16th of January 2007 03:56:01 AM
by the way, what do you think about posting here some nepali text translations which you did as homework, practice or just for fun? maybe it could help others to improve vocabulary and to try to use grammar in practice. I mean that we all have different types of nepali books, and after a time there arent any new texts you can read ... i posted one of my translations in one of the other threads, i dont know in which one :P but i have some more and can link them here, the nepali text scanned as an image and the translation in a text file with vocabulary. ... this was just a sudden idea ... it seems that i have much time for thinking :P and Anya, good luck with the exams, i cant contact you on MSN :) ... you know, the time shift ... im sleeping when you are in the front of the computer :)

Tuesday 16th of January 2007 04:09:07 AM

Sounds like a wonderful idea! I could definitely post my homework as well. We should try to share as much knowledge as we can. I am so excited that there are many wonderful students who are coming here now. It will be really fun for all of us to learn together!

You are right, it's like the changing of the guard with us and timezones. I am heading into an exam in a few hours :( It's going to be very hard: hematology in essay form! yikes!

Subha rātri!

Wednesday 17th of January 2007 05:00:42 AM
i found that page which i uploaded long ago :P
here is the link:
sorry, but there is no vocabulary :( i'll alwas try to append one in the future posts.

Wednesday 17th of January 2007 12:50:05 PM
Samjhanu = Remember:
Dear all,

I am very happy to help you but sorry for the late this time!

kiki_88, I am going to correct your Nepali first:

"...Samjhan Chu" will be right (give meaning)only, when the words will be together, like "samjhanchhu"
So your sentence to be translated is:
"Ma Timilai Dherai Samjhanhhu"
and the translation is:
"I remember you lot (so much)"

samjhanu = to remember
ma samjhanchhu = I remember
u samjhanchha = he/she remember
hami samjhanchhaun = we remember

sochnu = to think

Hope I have helped you well!


Thursday 18th of January 2007 03:41:13 PM
Is it correct?: Thank you very much, Pradeep! I find this discuss REALLY helpful for learning, it compensate lack of learning resources..
When I read the posts here, I try to understand the general rules of the language and the apply them to new situation/sentence.
So, If I want to say "I remember this word", would it be correct:

Thank you!

Thursday 18th of January 2007 06:25:22 PM
...also correct:

In this case "Malai yo shabda yaad chha" will be sound good.

Anyway, we can say as follows too:

malai yo shabdako samjhana chha.


Saturday 20th of January 2007 12:02:45 AM
I made another translation, now with vocabulary
you can download it form:

please make corrections, sugessions, etc ;)

Saturday 20th of January 2007 04:16:51 PM
ooooo! Dhanyabād Lassi-dai!

Ekdam rāmro bhayo!

Kosis garchu, pāchi mero vicar yahã lekhneporchha hola!

Tuesday 23rd of January 2007 05:07:46 PM
I have make some correction!:
Namaste, Ize8!

You did very good job and excilent.

In the vocabulary you make for the translation work of "Doko", think need some correction for followin words:

Mukti = get rid off
Swatantrata = freedom
Kalo-nilo = being uncomfortable/face expression
Jaba maile tyo abhiyukta (person) lai galat bhayako pramanit garen, u kalo-nilo bhayo.When I have proved that guy’s (person’s) guilty, he became kalo-nilo.
…bhari = full of
Gagribhari paani = pot with full of water
Din bhari = full day (whole day)/all time of the day

Originally posted by Ize8

I made another translation, now with vocabulary
you can download it form:

please make corrections, sugessions, etc ;)


Monday 02nd of February 2009 03:20:26 PM
namaste!!: l need some help to translate some nepali conversation.. Please can you help me for it?? it is below..

a-mero euta sathi tan sanga friendship garne bhandai thiyi...hmm.. taile ta aad garisake chas... la la thik cha..

b-tero sathi mero pani sathi,no objection as long as it's just frenship,a'rite

a-oye nakkali tyo keti ho ... keta hoina

b-ah,allrite k bhayo ta,tyesma sodna patna kura nai k cha ra..

lm waiting for some help.. thank you..

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