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Wednesday 28th of September 2005 12:37:36 PM
Ojibwe: Boozhoo!

The Algonquin language family is the most populous and widespread Native language family in North America.
Many Native American nations belong to Algonquin language family, speaking relative languages and dialects.
One of the most widespread Algonquin languages is Anishinaabe language Anishinaabemowin. It includes three dialects: Ojibwe, Ottawa (Odaawaa) and Potawatomi (Boodewaadamii). These three nations call themselves Anishinaabe.
Approximately 25% of Ojibwe people speak their own language as native one.


Aaniin - (Hallo, hi, how are you, how are things, how, what)
Aaniin ezhi-bimaadiziyan? - How are you?
Nimino-ayaa - (I'm well, I'm fine, I'm good)
Gaawiin got(ino) - Nothing unusual (gaawiin - no)
Giin dash? - And you. (litterally: you and?)
Miigwech - Thank you.
Giga-waabamin minawaa - I'll see you again (to a single person; minawwa - again, also, and)
Minawaa giga-waabamin - I'll see you again
Giga-waabamininim minawaa - I'll see you people again

Most European greetings have no equivalents in Ojibwe. Ojibwe also doesn't have words for "goodbye". "I'll see you (people) again" is the closest to "goodbye"

Friday 30th of September 2005 01:50:58 AM
Miigwech Freja

Would it be possible to give a brief pronounciation guide? Where you have written double vowels, does that mean it's a long sound, i.e. aa=a as in father, a=a as in hat?

Friday 30th of September 2005 02:53:19 AM
Ah, you're welcome!
Sure. I'll post a pronunciation guide. I use a certain way of spelling, but I don't remember what it's called :)

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