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Tuesday 29th of August 2006 05:38:46 AM
More photos from Portugal: This region is in the north of Lisbon, and as the name says "Riba-tejo" is up on the margin of Tagus/Tejo river. Last weekend I went there and took some photos.

This is the castle of Amourol. It is one of the most beautiful castles built on an island, in the middle of Tagus river. A good place for old legends and hidden treausures. :)


The vila of Constância far, far away :)


The statue of Camões, a famous Portuguese poet from the 16th century, that wrote many love poems in Constância. The other statue behind him is unknown :D


The vila of Constância is set between the contact of the two rivers Tagus and Zêzere.


This is a painting on the cellar of the main church of Constância by a very famous painter of the 19th century José Malhoa. We can see two figures that represent the two rivers. Tagus is the old man and Zêzere the young one.


A not so pretty image that ruins this idillyc place. :(


the city of Abrantes


A nice corner next to the main church


The city of Tomar is famous for the old convent, and next to it there's a castle. It was once the head-quarters of the knights Templar. They were also in Almourol castle.



This window belongs to the convent and it is the best known mark of an architectural style from the 1500s, called "Manuelino" style, after the name of the king D. Manuel. The mosteiro of Jerónimos in Lisbon also represents that style.


other details from the convent.



a light at the end of a tunnel. :D



Tuesday 29th of August 2006 07:11:53 PM
Beautiful places, Isabel!!!!!! :):):)

Tuesday 29th of August 2006 10:21:12 PM
A few words :)

Wow! Thanks! and LOVELY! :D

Wednesday 30th of August 2006 08:55:40 PM
wow thanks :D

Saturday 09th of September 2006 09:56:14 PM
The more photos of Portugal I see the more I'm annoyed not to be there anymore and the more I understand I haven't managed to see so much after all. Wonderful pictures, Isabel!:)

Sunday 10th of September 2006 07:07:19 PM
Obrigada Martin :)

Wednesday 25th of March 2009 06:41:11 PM
Some lovely pictures, i live very close to this area at Martinchel

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