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PUNJABI - Information and discussions about this Language.AuthorDate
learn punjabi - i can helpslazik26th Apr 2004
Translation needed - fdsMahmut6th Apr 2005
can anyone help? - need to learn punjabihsingleton11th Jul 2005
punjabi phrases? - Want to surprise my manrilokat21st Jul 2005
Translation - Punjabi to Englishdbasia31st Aug 2005
Translation - Punjabi to Englishdbasia31st Aug 2005
learning punjabi - I want to able to speak to my granindie10th Nov 2005
Help - Punjabisweetsoul6999th Dec 2005
Common Punjabi Phrases - sherryji24th Dec 2005
Punjabi Learning Team - Want to form a Punjabi Learning Team?usagypsychic7th Jan 2006
I wanna learn - Tim186th Apr 2006
learning - Need to learn fluent punjabinav99773rd May 2006
Want to learn Punjabi! - Snow2nd Jun 2006
English to Punjabi Translation - Would like to be courteous to a friendtimontrak1st Aug 2006
Translations needed please - tsahyalakum2nd Aug 2006
Help with Punjabi - Samaira12th Aug 2006
Some usful Punjabi words - Samaira25th Aug 2006
Does anyone here want to learn Punjabi? - Samaira26th Aug 2006
Curious - mtown1st Sep 2006
Punjabi phonetic alphabet - Proposal for alphabet that helps in pronunciationraychik2nd Sep 2006
Translation requests - Samaira12th Sep 2006
Sat sri akal, hola, hello ... - Wanting to learn punjabiNatashaUK21st Mar 2007
phrase translation to punjabi - serfrchik128th May 2007
Wife-to-be is punjabi - So i want to learn...Sherab29th Aug 2007
Anyone from Pakistan?!?!?! - I need help with somethingdeshi_kicks1st Sep 2007
need help with translations - i need to translate from punjabi to englishhlmr19801st Oct 2007
Can somebody translate this 4 me is in punjabi - erika427625th May 2008
Translation into Punjabi please - MilitaryT28th Sep 2008
Search engines - Need help from a Punjabi speakerMery30th Dec 2008
Want to learn Punjabi.. - I can speak very good English & some Spanish..kel1628th Mar 2009
my novel about a punjabi wife and her english husband - Dr_Frankensteen30th Aug 2009
Punjabi - Trying to Learn SomeGarwali29th Sep 2009
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